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Can A Far Infrared Sauna Date Spice Up Your Marriage?

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Everybody knows that to keep your marriage healthy you should spend regular time having fun together. But going out to dinner or a concert can get expensive quickly, and finding a babysitter can be nearly impossible. Some couples turn to stay-at-home date nights as an always-available, low-cost alternative. But what can you do with your sweetie when you don’t feel like watching another movie over the streaming service? Why not invest in your physical health while you’re investing in the health of your marriage? In a far infrared sauna designed to accommodate two people, you can relax while you connect.

Planning Your Sauna Date

While many people, even celebrities, pay up to $80 for a sauna session, you were smart enough to install a home infrared sauna so that you can schedule your sauna date at any time. Take a little time to plan for a relaxing, romantic getaway in the privacy of your own home. Consider ways to enjoy time with your spouse before, during, and after the sauna.


Jot down a shopping list. What do you need to transform the area around your sauna into a romantic, spa-like atmosphere? A bouquet of flowers is nice, as are a few candles. Prepare a carafe of lemon water to hydrate yourselves, and switch on some soothing music. As a final touch, lay out a comfortable robe for each person.


Have a set of conversation topics ready for while you’re in the sauna. Many people report that the heat and relaxation of the sauna help them to open up more to their partner. Run an internet search for a list of date night conversation starters, or make up your own. Remember: don’t discuss work, the kids, or anything stressful! Keep it relaxing and fun.


If you experienced a good sweat in the sauna, you may want to take a quick shower. Hydrate yourself with water before you indulge in any alcoholic beverages. Eating before you go into the sauna isn’t a good idea, but many people find themselves hungry afterward. A platter of chocolate-dipped strawberries is romantic, as is a selection of your partner’s favorite snacks. Slip into your comfy robes, enjoy the food together, and continue your conversation.

Many people have discovered the positive impact of regular sauna use on their health, but healthy relationships are important, too. Why not plan a date for this week, and share the benefits of the sauna with your spouse? As they say, the couple that sweats together, stays together.


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