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Detoxing? Try A No EMF Far Infrared Sauna

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For centuries, traditional wisdom has held that you can use a sweat lodge, steam room, or sauna to get rid of everything from a bad cold to a broken heart. Modern medicine has backed it up: sweat is one of the ways in which your body rids itself of waste, and a healthy sweat can be beneficial in more ways than one. If you’re on a “detox” program, looking to shed a few pounds, or just wanting to feel better, you should consider adding a no EMF far infrared sauna to your health and wellness plan.

Why A No EMF Far Infrared Sauna?

While electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) haven’t been shown to be harmful in scientific studies, some people prefer to avoid them out of an abundance of caution. In fact, taking a break from EMFs and other consequences of unbridled gadget use is often part of a “detox” program. Whether you’re breaking a social media addiction or just basking in the silence, it can be reassuring to know that even the invisible effects of electronic use are mitigated while in your sauna.

What Should I Do Before My Sauna?

It’s important to enjoy your sauna on an empty stomach to avoid nausea, and to be well-hydrated prior to your session. You’re going to sweat a lot, and you want to be sweating out waste and things your body doesn’t need, not minerals and hydration that it does. Many people find that lemon or cucumber infused water is a refreshing way to drink the 2-4 cups of water they need to remain hydrated.

How Should I Take Care of Myself During The Session?

“Detoxing” can be hard work, so listen to your body. Keep your sauna sessions short, to begin with, around five minutes or so.Over time you can work your way up to a 20-30-minute session, if your body can tolerate it. While you’re in the sauna, try to detox your mind as well as your body. Don’t dwell on stressful or unpleasant thoughts. Some people like to meditate during the sauna, or let their mind drift.


If you experienced a good sweat in the sauna, you may want to take a quick shower. You’ll also want to hydrate again, with more plain or infused water. Now is also a wonderful time to use a foam roller or get a massage while your muscles are warm and flexible.

Remember, when you’re trying to “detox”, your body is under a lot of stress while it releases built-up waste. Take care of it with a sauna.


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