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Infrared Sauna Prices: Are They Coming Down?

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Have you ever noticed that some gadgets seem to get less expensive over time? Whether you’re looking at the cost of a new television, or infrared sauna prices, it seems like almost everything is getting more affordable these days. But why?

With technology, the drop in price is due to things like “Moore’s Law”, which speculates that technology rapidly improves and older gadgets become obsolete - and cheaper. With infrared saunas, part of the price drop can be attributed to the number of people who have realized that they want to upgrade their homes and lifestyles with a sauna, enabling manufacturers to utilize economy of scale.

Economy of Scale - Not of Quality

Economy of scale results from the fact that in any activity, setting up and putting your gear away is what takes the longest. In household terms, this is easiest to see in the kitchen: if you’re going to bake cookies, it takes you 10 minutes to get out flour, sugar, and so on, and another 10 to wash up the dishes when you’re finished. But it only takes 5 minutes longer to make 24 cookies instead of 12, so you might as well double the recipe. That’s economy of scale, and once a manufacturer knows that a certain number of people want saunas, they’ll be able to offer the same quality sauna at a lower price.

Which Manufacturer?

Home infrared saunas are a feature that can add a great deal of value to your property, so it’s worth making sure that you are choosing a manufacturer you can rely on. A quick internet search will reveal that JNH Lifestyles offers premium saunas at more affordable prices than you’ll find at big box stores, or elsewhere. It makes sense to do your homework and choose an infrared sauna that fits your budget.

Can I Afford It Long-Term?

Many people are considering an infrared sauna instead of a hot or jetted tub for the master bathroom. While the prices of these units might seem to be relatively similar, you should think about not only the upfront costs, but the maintenance costs as well. Hot tubs and jetted tubs both need regular maintenance to prevent harmful bacteria from forming in the plumbing and spreading to the water, which can lead to dangerous infections. Hot tubs must be drained if you live where it freezes during the winter, and both require a large amount of water to use, which can spike your water bill.

An infrared sauna, on the other hand, doesn’t need the same type of fussy maintenance that a hot or jetted tub does, and can be used winter or summer with ease.

How to Get the Most Value

A home relaxation feature shouldn’t be a costly headache - it should help you to relax! Because of this, many savvy consumers are saying “no” to expensive and finicky water features. These individuals are finding that when installing such features in their homes, an infrared sauna offers the most bang for their buck. Analyze your lifestyle, budget, and needs, and you just might join them!


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