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Low EMF Sauna: Does it Really Work?

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Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are invisible waves of force that are emitted any time electricity is generated or used. With our modern, hyperconnected lifestyles, we use a lot of gadgets, and are surrounded by Wi-Fi signals emitted by everything from laptops to refrigerators, and even alarm clocks. If you’re wondering about the effect that EMFs have on your health, you’re not alone. While the effects of EMFs on human health are still being investigated, and no harm has been documented, many people feel more comfortable purchasing a low EMF sauna.

How Does It Work?

Since EMFs are emitted whenever electricity is used, you may have figured out that some models of infrared sauna will emit EMFs. However, sauna manufacturers are sensitive to health and wellness-conscious consumers, and there are more and more models of sauna on the market today that are designed to emit very few EMFs. This is done via the use of high-tech shielding materials placed around the portions of the sauna that can emit EMFs.

What Else Can I Do?

People wishing to minimize their exposure to EMF will want to weigh the benefits of an activity against the EMFs it produces. For example, an infrared sauna session can have many health benefits, and for you this may outweigh the possible EMF exposure. But using your cell phone does not have health benefits, so you may want to alter the way you use your cell phone. If you would like to avoid EMF exposure, here are some ways to do so:

  • Use your cell phone on the “speaker” setting or use a headset - this is good for your posture as well as reducing your exposure to the phone’s EMFs.
  • Keep your phone and electronics out of your bedroom - use an old-fashioned wind-up alarm clock instead.
  • Turn off your router at night - you don’t need Wi-Fi while you sleep!
  • Don’t use electric blankets or space heaters - warm up with a good old-fashioned hot water bottle instead.

No Worries

If you’ve been wanting the health benefits of an infrared sauna, but were worried about EMF exposure, rest easy. There’s far more EMFs in your house from normal technology than there is from your sauna - but even so, we’ve got you covered with a full line of low EMF sauna models. With a bit of forethought, and by not being afraid of doing things the old-fashioned way, you can minimize your EMF exposure and enjoy a relaxing daily sauna session.


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