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Should You Get A 1 Or A 2 Person Infrared Sauna? Things to Consider

Should You Get A 1 Or A 2 Person Infrared Sauna? Things to Consider

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Modern innovation and a burgeoning demand have ensured that, whatever your needs, there’s an infrared sauna designed for you. For most people, though, the first decision after “Should I get a sauna?”, is “How big should it be?” Read on for a few tips to help you decide whether a 1 person infrared sauna, a 2 person infrared sauna, or an even larger unit is right for you.

Where Will You Put the Sauna Unit?

The most important limiting factor is, as the realtors say, location, location, location. Where do you hope to install the sauna unit? How much room do you have available? It’s worth taking a little time with a measuring tape to ensure that your dream sauna unit will fit where you want it to.

Who Will Be Using the Sauna?

If you’re the only one who will be using the sauna regularly, you might think this means you should stick with a 1-person unit. Many, indeed, will prefer the privacy and compact footprint of the smaller unit. However, you might consider upgrading to a 2-person unit if:

  • You dislike enclosed spaces and want a bit more room.
  • You sometimes want to have a friend over for a session.
  • You have mobility issues that make getting into a small space difficult, and want more space to turn around.

Think about how you’ll be using the sauna, and pick the size that makes you most comfortable.

What Fits Your Home?

Keep in mind the character and decor of your home. While sauna units are generally considered handsome upgrades to a home’s features, the scale of the house matters. A large, 4-person sauna might overwhelm a small condo’s master bathroom, while a 1-person sauna unit might be dwarfed in a large country home’s recreation center. Some people find that taking a digital photograph of the area where they hope to install the sauna unit can help them envision what the sauna will look like upon installation.

How Often Will the Sauna Be Used?

If multiple people are expecting to use the sauna daily, it can be handy to have a model that can accommodate more than one person for the same reason that it’s useful to have more than one bathroom: it avoids bottlenecks. A sauna session generally starts out at 5-15 minutes long, and eventually many people work up to a 30-minute session. If more than one person is trying to enjoy a session prior to their workout, or before retiring to bed, it can be nice to do so together. This enables you to not only enjoy the relaxing wellness benefits of the sauna, but also chat with the people you care about.

Only you can determine the right size sauna for you, but with a little analysis and planning, you can choose the perfect unit for your home, lifestyle, and needs.


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