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What Should I Do with My New Infrared Home Sauna?

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It used to be that saunas were only for people who had the money to travel to Europe or join fancy health clubs. With the advent of infrared home sauna technology, anybody with a bit of extra space can enjoy the relaxation and wellness benefits of the sauna. A beautiful, well-installed sauna can add to the value of a property, in addition to enhancing the quality of its owner’s life.

So, you’re sold, and you’ve even got your infrared home sauna picked out. What will you do with it, once you get it? 

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate your sauna into your busy lifestyle:

Health and Wellness Enhancement

Traditionally, saunas are used as an aid to health and wellness. To enjoy the stress reduction benefits, consider enjoying a session every day, or every other day, for about 15-20 minutes at a time. It’s best to do this just after a shower, and on an empty stomach. While in the sauna, some enjoy doing a bit of meditation for maximum stress relief.

Bonding with Friends

If you’re lucky enough to have a sauna that can seat more than one person, consider using your sauna in the traditional Finnish way: as a bonding experience. “Sauna parties” are the modern, chic version of the “hot tub parties” that were all the rage years ago. Offer your guests water to drink before heading into the sauna, and have a tray of appetizers (Scandinavian treats are a nice for a theme party!) and more drinks ready for when you exit the sauna.

Faster Athletic Recovery

If you’re an athlete or exercise buff, chances are you’ve had sore muscles on more than one occasion. A sauna can be a great way to ease muscle pain and stiffness. If you choose to use a sauna after you work out, be sure to take a shower prior to your session to keep your sauna clean. It’s important to rehydrate yourself with two to four glasses of cool water afterward.

Spa Night

Craving some pampering and me time? A sauna can be the perfect way to rejuvenate after a long day. Remember, it’s not a good idea to use creams, perfumes, and hair products while in the sauna. That being said, after you’ve exited and showered, your newly cleansed skin is ready for deep moisturizing treatments.

The uses for your home sauna are as varied and interesting as your lifestyle. There’s no limit to the ways to enjoy the sauna - which way will you choose?


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