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Why Choose A Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna?

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You may have read the articles about electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure and wondered: What are all our gadgets doing to us? Nobody can deny that we spend much more of our lives using electronics than previous generations did, and some are beginning to wonder whether being around so much electricity influences human health. According to the World Health Organization, it’s not disputed that EMFs over certain levels can impact human health.

However, the safety of other, less potent sources of EMFs is still being investigated. Out of an abundance of caution, many people prefer to use a low EMF far infrared sauna.

How Do Some Saunas Produce EMFs?

EMFs are produced whenever electricity is used or generated, and low levels of EMFs are present in nature - the human body has its own electromagnetic field, as does the earth itself.

Some infrared saunas produce EMFs because of the way they use electricity to make infrared light. Most of the EMFs seem to be emitted from the cables that bring the electricity in to the sauna.

How Does A Low EMF Infrared Sauna Work?

The good news about EMFs is that they can be shielded. You’ve experienced this if you’ve ever had X-rays at the dentist and been asked to wear a heavy shielding drape or apron. This precaution protects the parts of your body not being X-rayed from exposure to radiation and EMFs emitted by the X-ray equipment. Shielding for the cables of a low EMF infrared sauna work in much the same way.

How High Is the EMF Emitted by A Sauna?

Not very. Even an unshielded sauna emits about the same EMF level as a Wi-Fi router or a cell phone. However, many people are uncomfortable with exposing themselves to even these minimal amounts of EMFs. For these users, a low EMF sauna is a good value because it increases their peace of mind. It’s difficult to relax in the sauna if you’re constantly worried about the EMFs you’re exposed to!

Most people who choose to install infrared saunas do so to enhance their health and well-being. If EMFs have you worried, you don’t have to choose between minimizing your exposure and enjoying the benefits of owning your own infrared sauna. Thanks to advances in modern technology and sauna manufacturing, you can have your sauna and enjoy it healthfully.


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