Health Benefits of Using Infrared Sauna: Improved Circulation


  • Lower risk of heart-related disease.

  • Decreased heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Healthier skin.

  • Greater focus and concentration.  

Do you find that you are having trouble focusing? Or are your hands and feet chilly, even during the middle of summer? How about shortness of breath, or pain in your extremities? Are you experiencing tingling, numbness, or stinging in your limbs?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be suffering from poor circulation. Although it often goes overlooked, circulation is essential to maintaining the health and proper functioning of your body and its many systems. Each time your heart beats, blood is pumped throughout your body, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to your cells and organs. At the same time, waste products such as carbon dioxide are removed. When circulation is obstructed or reduced, all of your cells and vital organs are negatively affected.

Indicators of poor circulation are diverse, and can include difficulty concentrating, numbness and burning in toes and fingers, pain in the extremities, shortness of breath, and fatigue. Over time, poor circulation may also lead to the development of serious medical conditions such as high-blood pressure, stroke and heart attack1. Conversely, when blood flow is increased throughout the body a multitude of health benefits are observed: cell growth is promoted, organs function more efficiently, skin looks more radiant, heart rate is lowered, blood pressure falls, muscles are relaxed and brain function is improved2.

What can you to do ensure that your circulation is at optimal levels? Believe it or not, it can be as simple as sitting in the sauna a few times a week. Studies have shown that infrared saunas provide cardiovascular conditioning similar to that of exercise, without the exertion or stress on your joints3. As infrared heat warms your muscles and tissues, your body is stimulated to increase blood flow4. In order to accommodate this increase in circulation, blood vessels in your body will dilate and your heart rate will increase. As a result, your cardiovascular system functions more effectively: the heart will pump more efficiently, heart rate will decrease, blood flow will increase, vessels will be more pliable and blood pressure will be reduced5,6.

Improved circulation and the many health benefits associated with it are just a few sauna sessions away. Call us today at (800) 528-3110 to find out how a JNH Lifestyles sauna can easily be incorporated into your home-wellness routine.


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