Health Benefits of Using Infrared Sauna: Wound Healing


  • Accelerated cell regeneration.

  • Enhanced tissue growth.

  • Rapid healing of skin wounds and burns.

Apart from being the largest organ of the human body, our skin is responsible for performing several important functions involving protection, regulation and sensation1. If skin is wounded or damaged, its ability to properly perform these functions may become impaired, leaving the body vulnerable to a variety of injuries and illnesses.

One of the most important roles that our skin plays is that of a protective barrier against damaging environmental elements such as moisture, harmful rays from the sun, bacteria and toxic substances. Any open wound or injury on the skin’s surface serves as an entry portal for dangerous substances to enter the bloodstream. 

When a wound of this nature occurs, the body responds by supplying blood and nutrients to the skin surface in order to promote healing and prevent infection. New cells are produced, and will eventually form new tissue and blood vessels at the wound site. Clinical studies have found that sauna therapy, in addition to healing damaged muscle and tissue, accelerates and enhances this recovery process of open wounds2,3. In fact, a study conducted by NASA found that infrared therapy accelerated cell regeneration, promoted tissue growth, prevented infection and enhanced the skin’s natural healing process4.

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