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The Top Four Fantastic Health Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna, According to Science

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As the old saying goes: Health is wealth, which is why it’s only natural for smart consumers to be skeptical of every health trend that sounds “too good to be true”. Fortunately, the benefits of far infrared saunas are backed by strong scientific evidence that will win over even the worst skeptic. If you still need proof, here’s a list of the top four benefits of using far infrared saunas, according to the medical experts.

Wonderful Health Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna, According to Science

It Helps Detoxify the Body

Most far infrared sauna suppliers claim that their units help reduce toxics accumulated in the body by sweating them out. Though it sounds like an exaggeration, a 2012 study conducted in Ottawa, Canada suggested that, physicians should consider recommending sweating via sauna as a safe and beneficial treatment. Further clinical trials are in the works, but for individuals suffering from the effects of prolonged exposure to toxic elements (e.g. heavy metals in drinking water), infrared saunas are a solid solution.

Though some might argue that the same effects of a traditional sauna are comparable, note that far infrared saunas have a deeper penetrating heat that produces more sweat at considerably lower temperatures. This is good news for those who want to detoxify faster and more cost efficiently.

It Helps Reduce Coronary Risk Factors

Contrary to popular belief, those who are suffering from various cardiovascular diseases can safely use a sauna, provided that their current medical condition is stable. In fact, a 2014 collaborative study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that regular use of saunas can reduce different coronary risk factors, hence lowering the chances of acquiring cardiovascular diseases and prolonging the user’s life.

Another medical study published in Canada also showed some moderate evidence that far infrared saunas help improve and normalize blood pressure. At the same time, a high quality of evidence supports the claim of its role in treating systolic hypertension.

It Promotes Muscle Recovery

A recent study in Finland involving ten physically active male volunteers showed positive results when far infrared saunas were used to promote muscle recovery after a series of intense endurance and strength training sessions. The same study concluded that the deep penetrating heat of infrared saunas provided a comfortable, relaxing, and effective way of improving the neuromuscular recovery.

This was proven by having the volunteers do countermovement jumps, an isometric bench and leg press, and running on the treadmill directly after using the sauna (vs. those who did not use a sauna). The oxygen intake and heart rate were then used to measure the efficacy of far infrared saunas on muscle recovery.

It Helps Make Your Skin Glow

Another popular myth surrounding infrared radiation is that it isn’t good for the skin - after all, most types of radiation are not. However, a 2015 study found evidence that infrared radiation is likely to have more positive than negative effects. It is the type and intensity of the radiation that matters.

Far infrared saunas help pre-condition the skin against the negative effects of radiation, aptly preparing it for the onslaught of the sun’s UV rays. They also promote collagen metabolism to make your skin look younger.

Though traditional saunas claim to have the same benefits, far infrared saunas have the additional advantage of using less energy and thus, being more cost-efficient. While some of the larger claims like helping lower cholesterol and blood sugar need more aggressive clinical trials, there is no denying that far infrared saunas can provide an endless amount benefits for their users.


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