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Where Should I Place My Infrared Sauna? Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

Where Should I Place My Infrared Sauna? Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

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There’s a lot to plan for once your personal infrared sauna is on its way to your home. One of the most common questions we receive is, “Where’s the best place to put it?” It’s a reasonable inquiry, as we’re sure there’s a hundred what if questions running through your mind. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our Customer Service Department receives regarding sauna placement.

What Are The Measurements Of The Sauna I Ordered?

Knowing the dimensions of the sauna you ordered gives you the perfect idea of where it'll fit within your home's layout. If you’re unsure as to the specifications of your infrared sauna, you can always refer back to the product page. For example, if you bought a Joyous 2 Person Infrared Sauna, on its product page, you’ll find under “Other Details” the “Assembled Dimensions,” which provides you with the width, depth, length and height (see below).

Assembled Dimensions of Joyous 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

In addition, if you need a more visual representation, we also provide line drawings of all our infrared saunas with accompanying measurements. You can find these within each sauna’s product page where the pictures are located. Just click the orange arrow to the right (highlighted in the image below) until you arrive at the desired image.

Assembled Dimensions of Joyous 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Use these dimensions to find the perfect spot within your residence. Our infrared saunas do not require wide-open spaces; you can place them inside large closets or even carve a compartment into a wall where the sauna can slide in and fit snugly.

Can I Place My Sauna Outdoors?

Example of What Not to Do with Your Infrared Sauna

Due to overwhelming requests from customers, we began untreating the Hemlock and Red Cedar wood used in the construction of our infrared saunas. It’s also worth noting that untreated wood eliminates off-gassing during your infrared sessions.

Because the wood is all-natural, this can leave it vulnerable to high amounts of moisture, which is why we heavily suggest NOT placing your infrared sauna outdoors. If you decide to place your sauna outside, please be aware that you’re putting it at risk for damage from the natural elements in your region (and voiding your wood warranty). Most commonly, you could experience the warping of the wood, which is caused by moisture in the air (humidity) or from rain. Warping results in a lack of insulation and the heat escapes. This same moisture can cause mold to grow on the interior and exterior, thus making your sauna a health hazard.

At times, we’ll have JNH Lifestyles customers place their infrared saunas in virtual outdoor conditions. Typically, these customers place their JNH saunas into 3 or 4 season rooms, enclosed porches and patios, or sunrooms. These rooms simulate an outdoor environment while protecting your infrared investment. Currently, our infrared saunas are designed for indoor use only.

Is My Infrared Sauna Too Heavy To Be Placed On The Second Floor?

Upstairs Infrared Sauna

Since we operate primarily online, we’ve designed our infrared saunas to be as durable as possible while remaining lightweight. This removes a hefty financial burden off our valued customers when it comes to shipping costs.

Since JNH saunas are on the lighter side, you have the freedom to place your cabin anywhere in your multi-level home or apartment. If you’ve already built your sauna on the ground floor but would like to transfer it to a second or third story, not to worry. With our modular design, you’ll find it almost effortless to break down, transport and rebuild it in its new location, especially since you’ve already built it once before.

Can I Place My Infrared Sauna On Carpet?

You can place your infrared sauna on any type of flooring, as long as it’s dry and level. If you decide to place it on carpet, you have no need to worry about equipment overheating or carpet being damaged. We’ve considered all manners of flooring, allowing our saunas to be adaptable within any home setting.

Ensi RED 1 Person on Carpet

Can I Place My Infrared Sauna In An Uninsulated Garage Or Basement?

As long as the uninsulated garage/basement is not a damp environment, then it’s perfectly fine to position your infrared sauna there. Cold temperatures will not damage the wood or electronic components of your JNH sauna, but it will naturally hinder the warm-up speed since the cabin air will be colder than if it were inside an insulated room.

You can place your JNH sauna anywhere within your home, as long as it's not exposed to outdoor climates, particularly water. Use your best judgement when determining a location and if you are hesitant about your decision, please reach out to us at (800) 528-3110 or via email at support@jnhlifestyles.com. You can also contact us on the popular social media outlets, such as Facebook and Instagram. Our team of experts will answer any questions you have so you experience a seamless transition from delivery day to your first infrared session. 

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