Tosi™ Full Spectrum Collection

The Tosi™ Collection is the only true full spectrum sauna on the market, making it one of a kind. While many brands claim to offer a full spectrum sauna, in reality they do not meet the full criteria. Tosi™ heaters are revolutionary because they are equipped with mid and far infrared combination heaters while advanced LEDs provide near infrared. Together they produce the full spectrum of infrared. Having access to the entire spectrum means you get the maximum benefit of all wavelengths. Hello Tosi™, Goodbye Toxins.

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna FAQ


What a full spectrum infrared sauna?

This means the sauna will have far, mid and near infrared, providing you with all the benefits of each infrared wavelength. Here at JNH Lifestyles, our version of a full spectrum infrared sauna comes in the form of the Tosi™ Collection and ProSeries 200.  Learn more on Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas.

Are full spectrum infrared saunas worth it?

When all 3 wavelengths are inside of the same sauna cabin, you have yourself a powerhouse of therapeutic energy. Near, mid and far infrared work amazingly in conjunction with each other; heightening one another’s benefits and creating a great detoxification/recovery experience for the user. You don’t necessarily need to have the full spectrum, but it’s a great investment for your overall health and the additional benefits are definitely worth considering.

Which is better: a far infrared or full spectrum sauna?

Far infrared saunas reach about 5mm under your skin and are more beneficial for detoxification, heat therapy and general relaxation. Full Spectrum infrared saunas include far infrared as well as near and mid infrared benefits. All 3 wavelengths work amazingly in conjunction with each other; creating a great experience for the user. The extra investment can help boost your overall health, which your mind and body will thank you for later. 

What are the benefits of a full spectrum infrared sauna?

Full spectrum infrared saunas come with all the benefits of near, mid and far settings:

     - Near Infrared (NIR): Absorbed just below the surface of the skin, promoting wound healing, cell health/regeneration, skin revitalization and can mitigate inflammation. 
     - Mid Infrared (MIR): Can help with inflammation, pain and decrease overall healing time. Other benefits include the expansion of blood vessels, which leads to improved circulation, increasing metabolism..
     - Far Infrared (FIR): In addition to all of the benefits for near and mid infrared, far infrared penetrates the deepest where toxins and chemicals are trapped allowing powerful detoxification. It can also increase your heart rate which can be equivalent to mild cardio. FIR stimulates vasodilation, which in turn increases blood flow throughout the body. FIR can also reduce pain, ease joint stiffness, decrease inflammation and alleviate overall body stress.

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