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JNH Lifestyles began as a quest for healthier living. We were on a mission to find a way to prevent long-term illness in patients and increase health and longevity. As we have discovered, infrared sauna therapy is an integral part of healthy living. It can make the difference between just existing and genuinely feeling alive and rejuvenated.

We started our journey while working in medical device manufacturing as engineers and manufacturers. We discovered the healing benefits of infrared sauna therapy after responding to requests from our medical device partners in hospitals and clinics who asked us to create a solution in preventative medicine.

We dug deep, researching the healing benefits of heat therapy across the globe: Native American sweat lodges, practices of the Mayans and Ancient Greeks, and the use of Turkish baths were all studied in depth. Our extensive research, paired with the tenants of Eastern medicine, led us to manufacture our first commercial-grade infrared sauna for hospital use in 1989. In the decade that followed, we began manufacturing infrared saunas for personal home use.

Today, we continue to make technical changes and upgrades to our saunas to ensure the best possible product arrives in our customer's homes.

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is to make the preventative and healing benefits of infrared sauna available in every household in the world through our accessible product offerings. We know firsthand how our customer’s lives have changed after using their infrared sauna.

It’s simple.
Better health leads to a better life. And that is our hope for you.


Infrared saunas mimic nature to provide a variety of health benefits. Our infrared saunas use a fundamental source of heat from the sun, and a sustainably sourced, 100% natural, Canadian hemlock wood and cedar cabin. In a JNH Lifestyles sauna, you will enjoy the many elements of nature, all in the comfort of your own home.

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