Frequently Asked Questions

Infrared Sauna Basics - What You Need to Know

What is an infrared sauna
Are infrared saunas harmful to the human body?
Why can't the temperature setting go higher than 140°F?
What are EMF's?
Can I add steam or additional heaters to a JNH infrared sauna?

Financing Questions and Payment Plans

Can I finance an infrared sauna from JNH Lifestyles?
Can I pay my sauna off early?
What is the APR?
How do I qualify for the promotional 0% interest rate?
How long does the promotional 0% interest rate last?
How long does it take to be approved?

All About Our Accessories - Enhancing Your Sauna Experience

What does the Infrared Foot Warmer do?
How does the oxygen ionizer clean the air?
What is the purpose of the chromotherapy light?
Why would I need a lumbar and neck support?
Does my purchase of an infrared sauna include accessories?

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