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35.5" (w) x 35.5" (d) X 75" (h)
47.3" (w) x 39.5" (d) X 75" (h)
59.1" (w) x 39.5" (d) X 75" (h)
70.9" (w) x 47.3" (d) X 75" (h)
59.1" (Back) x 25.6" (Side) x 47.3" (front) x 75" (h)

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What is the difference between Hemlock wood and Red Cedar wood?
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What is the difference between Carbon and Ceramic heaters?
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Vivo, Freedom, Joyous, Ensi: A Portable Sauna for Every Home

Here at JNH Lifestyles, we believe that everyone has their own perspective of what a joyful, natural, and healthy life. To make our infrared home saunas accessible to everyone, we’ve created four different collections to respond to your unique needs. We want every household to experience the many, wonderful benefits of a portable sauna. So whether you want to sleep better, detoxify, lose weight, relieve pain, boost your immune system, or simply relax at the end of the day, there’s an infrared home sauna in our collection for you.

The Vivo Collection: For Those Who Love the Classic

The Vivo Collection is based on the design of traditional saunas. This collection is a fusion of the old and the new— it reflects the classic design of original infrared saunas 20 years ago, but outfitted with all the cutting-edge technology that a modern portable sauna for sale offers. The Vivo Collection features:

  • 100% Canadian Hemlock Wood: meticulously handcrafted and sustainable
  • LED Lighting: energy efficient
  • Carbon fiber heaters: long-lasting and top-grade
  • Superior Sound System
  • Digital Control Panel

The Vivo Collection is where tradition meets innovation. If you’re just starting to discover the whole world of benefits that infrared home saunas offer, there’s no better place to begin!

The Freedom Collection: For Those Who Desire to Indulge

Our Freedom Collection is pure luxury. You’ll find nothing but state-of-the-art features in each portable far infrared sauna here. What sets this collection apart is the pure Canadian Western Red Cedar Wood it’s handcrafted out of.

Enter your sauna, and you’ll be greeted by an aromatic odor that also repels pests like moths. In addition, this exceptional wood is truly gorgeous— featuring straight grain, rich textures, and warm hues of sienna, amber, and cinnamon, all finished off with an elegant, satin luster. Other features to look forward to are:

  • Carbon Fiber Heating Technology: six to nine far infrared panels for excellent heating coverage
  • Premium Sound System
  • Digital Controls
  • See-Through Safety Glass: tolerates high heat while giving amazing visibility
  • LED Lights

The Freedom Collection ranges from one-person units to multi-person units, making it the perfect fit for any household.

The Joyous Collection: For Those Who Adore the Great Outdoors

Handcrafted from Canadian Hemlock wood, the Joyous Collection stays close to its natural roots. You’ll find the most number of carbon fiber heaters per unit in this range, making it an in-home detox wonder. Here are some features:

  • Windowed, safety glass doors
  • User-friendly digital controls
  • Premium sound system with Bluetooth
  • Beautiful LED Lighting
  • Carbon Fiber Heaters that release soothing heat

Our Joyous infrared home saunas have something to offer everyone. The Joyous 2 Person Sauna is one of our top-selling units and is also the #1 best-selling infrared sauna on Amazon.com. Want some quiet time? Get the Joyous 1 person unit all to yourself. If you’re in the mood for company or want more space to stretch out, check out our multi-person models. With our Joyous Collection, there’s a gem for everyone.

The Ensi™ Collection Ultra-Low-EMF: The Pioneer

We’re excited to introduce our Ensi™Collection tested with Ultra-Low-EMF! This collection is the epitome of our mission to deliver cutting-edge infrared sauna technology in every home. The Ensi™Collection is the only one in the entire infrared sauna market with near zero-EMF readings. These saunas have been Intertek-tested, and no other sauna in the industry can boast these low EMF numbers.

Each Ensi™ infrared home sauna is outfitted with everything from our advanced carbon fiber heaters down to the sophisticated sound system and ambiance-defining LED lighting.

Every single infrared sauna in our four collections is designed with your maximum comfort, health, and well-being in mind. Let our knowledgeable customer service representatives guide you on your journey toward joyful, natural, and healthy living. Contact us today at 800-528-3110!

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