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ProSeries 200 Full Spectrum 1 Person Infrared Sauna (Sold Out)

ProSeries 200 Full Spectrum 1 Person Infrared Sauna (Sold Out) .

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  • Warranty Information

    For Residential Use:
    5 Year on control and electrical components.
    5 Year on heaters.
    1 Year on wood structure.

    For Commercial Use:
    2 Year on control and electrical components.
    2 Year on heaters.
    1 Year on wood structure.

    Please call your JNH Specialist at 1-800-528-3110 for more information.

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Product Description

Sold Out

iconComplete Full Spectrum, Ultra-Low EMF Infrared Heaters

  • Equipped with Nine (9) Ultra-Low EMF, high quality Carbon Fiber Infrared Heaters.
  • Equipped with One (1) near infrared LED emitter, strategically placed to target your spinal column. 
  • All Ten (10) heaters/emitter simultaneously operate to deliver True Full Spectrum infrared benefits.
    • For a detailed explanation of full spectrum infrared, click here.
  • 80% more efficient than other brands.
  • Ultra-Low EMF heater tested and approved by two independent third party testing facilities - Intertek, a multinational inspection, product testing and certification company and Vitatech, a US based Expert Engineering EMI Consultants. Read more ►
  • Tested “Average 0.32 mG" from center of heater.*

Introducing Core Heaters

  • Of the Nine (9) Carbon Fiber Heaters, Two (2) are adjustable winged Core Heaters (pictured above).
  • Our Core Heaters turn inward (up to 90 degrees), focusing on your torso to concentrate therapeutic infrared waves at vital joints and organs.
  • This unique concentration of heat also speeds up how quickly your body warms up.
  • To learn more on what makes the ProSeries 200 unique, click here.

iconFSC Certified Canadian Hemlock Wood

  • Crafted with 100% top quality Canadian Hemlock Wood.
  • Untreated and unstained, making our lumber chemical-free.
  • Features beautiful, natural wood markings.
  • No Plywood or MDF.
  • Solid wood structure.
  • FSC Certified Wood - We care about our planet.


  • Tongue and Groove construction for a stronger, reliable structure. Read more ►
  • Designed with a wider cabin so you can recover comfortably.

iconDual Wall Insulation

  • Dual wall construction for better heat insulation.
  • This also means that you could fit your sauna at tight spaces and not to worry about heat expansion and insulation.

iconSee Through Door

  • Designed with special safety glass which tolerates higher temperature within the cabin.
  • Provides better insulation.
  • Provides better visibility from within the sauna.

iconEasy Assembly

  • Virtual Tools-Free Design - simply buckle the panel walls together and use a screw driver for the rest.
  • Easy to break down and transport to other locations when necessary.

icon​Premium Sound System with Bluetooth.

  • Two premium speakers along with Bluetooth.

iconLED Lighting

  • Equipped with a long lasting interior LED Light, allowing you to use your sauna for many years to come.
  • 50% more cost - efficient than standard light bulbs.

iconDigital Control Panel

  • Equipped with digital control that allows you to control the temperature and the duration of use of your sauna.

*The stated EMF ratings are based upon JNH Lifestyles' controlled laboratory testing. EMF levels may vary depending on the location of the infrared sauna, the environmental conditions and the type of equipment used.

Other Details

Assembled Dimensions:
39.5" (W) x 39.5" (D) x 75" (H)
Exterior Wood:
FSC Certified "Green" Canadian Hemlock
Interior Wood:
FSC Certified "Green" Canadian Hemlock
Core Heaters:
2 Ultra-Low EMF Adjustable Carbon Fiber Heaters
Back Heaters:
2 Ultra-Low EMF Carbon Fiber Heaters, 1 Ultra-Low EMF Near Infrared LED Emitter
Shoulder Heaters:
2 Ultra-Low EMF Carbon Fiber Heaters
Leg Heaters:
2 Ultra-Low EMF Carbon Fiber Heaters
Calf Heaters:
1 Ultra-Low EMF Carbon Fiber Heater
Total Number of Heaters:
EMF Rating:
Average reading of 0.32 mG
Electrical Requirement:
120V / 15 Amps (Standard Household Outlet)
5-Year Warranty (Residential); 2-Year Warranty (Commercial)
Indoor Use Only: Ideal locations include bedrooms, living rooms, indoor gyms, and insulated garages.

Product Reviews

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  1. Worth it! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 5th Oct 2020)

    Product is awesome, and super easy to put together. I suggest watching a YouTube video of how they go up. Makes it even easier. The only thing I will say is that the glass door could be a little more air tight. You can def feel some cool air being let in if you get close to it. But other than that it’s an amazing sauna. Would def. recommend.

  2. Great Equipment 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 17th Aug 2020)

    I purchased the JNH ProSeries 200 Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, after strongly considering purchasing a Traditional Sauna for home use. One of the favorable issues about the infrared sauna is that it use regular 120 volt house current. The additional electrician cost of having 240 volt wiring installed in my residence for a Traditional Sauna was a deal breaker, although I strongly considered it. I began to research infrared to understand the technology. I've been using traditional saunas for over 40 years, had never used infrared, never had a need, until I put it in my home. I do not regret the purchase of this sauna. It is a very well made piece of equipment, and fairly easy to assemble. It's a very functional, with a modern design that's appealing enough to actually be placed anywhere in the home, if your wife will allow it. Seriously, it's really a nicely thought out stable constructed piece of equipment. It heats up extremely fast, definitely gets you sweating. The personal benefits of this sauna is above my expectations. I've been physically active all my life, and now I'm trying to manage pain and soreness that comes with 65 years of activity, while still continuing to be active. I found the answer in this home sauna. Wish I had did this a longtime ago. Since COVID-19 and gym closures, this sauna was last piece I needed for my in home gym completion. I'm finding workouts at home are much more gratifying. I purchased Ionizer, Chromotheraphy, and Ergonomic Comfort Set, these accessories totally compliment the sauna use. Can't imagine not having these accessories during use. Since implementing the sauna use into my routine I've notice enhanced physical mobility and a better wellness feeling. Also purchased the Foot Warmer, have not used it yet, maybe in the winter, as of now the sauna gets plenty hot enough. Can't leave out the fact that it's blue tooth capable, good relaxing music enhances the experience even more. I've had my sauna (1) month today, I've used it at least (4) times a week, and I could not be more satisfied. I hope to use it for years to come, we'll see. The benefits are very noticeable. After playing a round of golf, or cutting the lawn or anything strenuously demanding this sauna assist excellently with recovery. I have to note for those who may wonder if it's roomy enough. I'm 6'5", 240 lb, athletically built, when standing my head slightly touch the ceiling, that's not an issue for me, because the sauna's designed for sitting and relaxing, plenty of leg and shoulder room. It gets the job done extremely well, and it's comfortable. Don't want to get long winded, but I feel I must note what attracted me to JNH product. The design of the ProSeries 200 and the Reps., at JNH Lifestyles were reasons I made purchase. I had made contact with several other sellers prior to purchasing. They were not as informative as JNH. When I had questions, JNH responded thoroughly, without any sales pressure. I got the impression that they were personally involved with their product, from manufacturing, storage, shipping and sales. They appeared to stand behind their brand. What's really important to me was the shipping. JHN is located in southern California, I reside in central Texas, I had serious concerns whether item of this size would ship without damage. Man, was the shipping flawless. After purchasing, within (4) days, I was advised that it was en route. Within another (5) days it was delivered to my home. I received updated tracking information, I received a call from delivery company for scheduled delivery, it was delivered on time, and placed in my garage. The sauna was extremely well package for delivery, in other words no damage. Very much appreciated, 360 degree customer service, means a lot. I assembled the sauna the same day, within a few hours, with the assistance of my (11) year old granddaughter, who was talking on her cell phone must of the time, really. We both enjoyed the assembling process. I had it up, running and used on the same day of delivery. Everything was delivered perfectly. I Thank You JNH Lifestyle for the positive experience. I highly recommend JNH. Great Equipment, I think I made the right choice!

  3. PRO 200 Series 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 6th Aug 2020)

    I purchased the PRO SERIES 200 a little over a month ago ad so far I could not be happier. This is by far the best infrared sauna I have ever used and would recommend to anyone with chronic injuries. This sauna is a "Must Have"!


  4. Sauna exceeded expectations! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 11th Jul 2020)

    My family has enjoyed this sauna for a few weeks. It was easy to put together. I was immediately surprised by the improvement in my quality of sleep. I don’t typically sleep all night long but after a sauna session, I sleep better than I have in years. It is so relaxing and I love the detoxification. I am so happy I purchased this sauna. Also, excellent customer service.

  5. Great sauna and wonderful company to work with 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 3rd Apr 2020)

    I purchased the Tosi 2 person sauna and it is doing wonders for my joints. The immediate and lasting pain relief goes beyond my expectations. It was very easy to build and when I had questions, the staff was always there immediately to help me. I can't recommend JNH and its sauna high enough. Great quality and easy to use with super nice staff.

  6. While worth the investment 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 31st Mar 2020)

    I injured myself from over-practicing golf swings at the driving range. Since then, I experience shooting pain and numbness in my right leg. To feel better, I visited many specialists over the last year, such as the orthopedist, chiropractor and acupuncturist. Most of them provided a temporary relief but the pain and numbness still come back after a while. Since using the ProSeries 200, I can feel a difference in my leg, especially my foot. Now I can walk for days without having the same level of pain that I had before. I truly like the fact that this is a non-invasive form of pain relief. I will continue to use my ProSeries 200 daily for recovery purpose.

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