ProSeries 200 Full Spectrum 1 Person Infrared Sauna | March Madness Sale | Save $1,500 On Sale

ProSeries 200 Full Spectrum 1 Person Infrared Sauna | March Madness Sale | Save $1,500 March Madness Sale

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The ProSeries 200 is the newest addition to the JNH Lifestyles sauna family and perfect for athletes and active adults. This 1-person full spectrum sauna features unique ultra-low EMF infrared core heaters that are also adjustable. Unlike any other infrared sauna on the market, the ProSeries' core heaters can turn inward, concentrating therapeutic infrared toward the midsection. In addition, the cabin is wider than other JNH 1 person saunas, making it an ideal choice for those with broader builds. The cabin is crafted with 100% Canadian Hemlock and utilizes advanced LED's + carbon fiber heaters to create a complete full spectrum experience. See additional specially crafted features below.




Assembled Dimensions

39.5" (W) x 39.5" (D) x 75" (H)

Wood Type

FSC Certified Canadian Hemlock

NIR Emitter

1 Ultra-low EMF Near Infrared LED Emitter

Core Heaters

2 Ultra-low EMF Adjustable Carbon Fiber Heaters

Back Heaters

2 Ultra-low EMF Carbon Fiber Heaters

Shoulder Heaters

2 Ultra-low EMF Carbon Fiber Heaters

Leg Heaters

2 Ultra-low EMF Carbon Fiber Heaters

Calf Heaters

1 Ultra-low EMF Carbon Fiber Heater

Door Heaters

2 Ultra-low EMF Carbon Fiber Heaters

Total Carbon Fiber Heaters


Total NIR Emitters




EMF Rating

Average reading of 0.32 mG

Electrical Requirement

110V ~ 120V / Dedicated 20Amps Breaker (NEMA 5-20R Socket Required)


5-Year Warranty (Residential); 2-Year Warranty (Commercial)


Indoor Use Only: Ideal locations include bedrooms, living rooms, indoor gyms, and insulated garages.

Product Features


Complete Full Spectrum Ultra-Low EMF Heaters

  • A total of twelve (12) infrared heaters deliver a full spectrum of therapeutic infrared waves at once
  • Nine (9) far/mid carbon fiber infrared heaters provide 360 degree coverage
  • Two (2) far/mid Core Heaters: mounted on the left & right walls, core heaters turn inward, concentrating infrared on your torso. Heat up your body faster and target vital joints/organs
  • One (1) advanced near infrared emitter powered by advanced LED technology
  • Ultra-low EMF heaters with an average reading of 0.32 mG from the center of the heater*

100% Canadian Hemlock Wood

  • Wood is responsibly harvested from FSC-certified forests
  • Beautiful, natural wood markings
  • No Plywood.
  • Untreated and unstained, providing a chemical-free experience

Tongue & Groove (T&G) Construction

  • Easy-to-assemble construction
  • Sturdy yet lightweight design
Dual Wall

Dual Wall Insulation

  • Retains heat & increases overall durability
  • Stable outer wall allows sauna to fit into tight spaces while inner wall expands and contracts with heat
See Door

Tempered Glass French Door

  • High temperature resistance & insulation
  • See through visibility
  • 2 mounted infrared heaters

Easy Assembly

  • Unique modular assembly system for easy setup
  • Simple break down to move

Bluetooth Sound System

  • Premium Speakers (2)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
Led Light

LED Lighting

  • Soft interior cabin lighting
  • Energy-efficient and long lasting LED lights
Digital Control

Digital Control Panel

  • User-friendly digital control panel
  • Programs desired temperature and session duration
*The stated EMF ratings are based upon controlled laboratory testing by independent third-parties ( Intertek and Vitatech. EMF levels may vary depending on the location of your infrared sauna, the environmental conditions and the type of equipment used.


Q: What makes the ProSeries 200 different from all of JNH's other infrared saunas?
A: Much like our Tosi infrared saunas, the ProSeries 200 features ultra-low EMF, full spectrum heaters. But what makes it different? Its cabin is wider than our traditional 1 person saunas, making it ideal for those with broader builds or if you're looking for extra elbow room. The ProSeries 200's most unique addition is its core heaters. The core heaters are mounted on the left and right walls; they can fold inward, allowing a concentration of infrared to target a users' core. The core heaters can turn up the intensity of your sessions and targets vital organs and joints for increased effectiveness.

Q: What are EMF's?
A: EMF's, also known as electromagnetic fields, are areas of invisible energy. They emit from anything with electrical components, but are also a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Q: What are the EMF readings of your ultra-low EMF infrared saunas?
A: Our ultra-low EMF infrared saunas have been independently tested by Intertek and Vitatech for an average reading of 0.32 mG from the center of a heater.

Q: What is a full spectrum infrared sauna?
A: Full spectrum saunas provide users will the entire infrared spectrum: far infrared, mid infrared and near infrared. Each offers their own set of health benefits, creating the ultimate infrared sauna experience. To learn more, click here.

Q: Is there an option to set an automatic timer that will turn my infrared sauna on for me?
Your JNH sauna has the ability to set a duration timer that will sound off when your session is over. However, for safety purposes, the sauna does not come with the ability to set an automatic timer that will turn your infrared sauna on at a certain time of the day.


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Feel free to call us at 800 528 3110.
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