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Infrared Sauna Accessories

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Supplement your JNH home sauna with our wonderful infrared sauna accessories!

Need some extra support? The Ergonomic Lumbar Support and Neck Rest can make your sessions even more comfortable!

Want to freshen up the cabin air? Our Oxygen Ionizer helps you do just that by eliminating odors and other unpleasantries that may be in the air.

Shop our full category of JNH accessories for infrared saunas below!

Accessories for Infrared Saunas

A JNH infrared sauna complete with our sauna accessories can help any JNH Lifestylist create the perfect ambiance for a relaxing and refreshing sauna session. We’ve put together the most essential home sauna accessories to help you gain the most out of your IR (infrared) sauna experience.

Infrared Foot Warmer
As a direct heat source during an infrared sauna session, our Infrared Foot Warmer is capable of relaxing tired/sore feet, reducing swelling and discomfort, increasing blood circulation, decreasing joint stiffness and maintaining overall foot health.
Buy the Infrared Foot Warmer here.

Oxygen Ionizer
Eliminate pollen, bacteria, odors and other pollutants that would otherwise stay in your infrared sauna with the Oxygen Ionizer. This sauna accessory is specifically designed to clean the air, maintaining a hygienic sauna environment. The Oxygen Ionizer is especially recommended if multiple people will be using the sauna.
Buy the Oxygen Ionizer here.

S-Shaped Backrest
The S-shaped Backrest is designed to fit the natural curve of one's back, providing much needed support for those who need it. This infrared sauna accessory is perfect for those who find themselves cutting sessions short due to back pain from sitting.
Buy the S-shaped Backrest here.

Chromotherapy Light
The Chromotherapy Light is our most sought-after infrared sauna accessory. It's one bulb with 6 different colors that each provide unique health benefits. Our Chromotherapy Light works exclusively with JNH Lifestyles infrared saunas.
Buy the Chromotherapy Light here.

Ergonomic Lumbar Support and Neck Rest
Sit back, relax and indulge with the Ergonomic Lumbar Support and Neck Rest. This accessory for your JNH home sauna provides low back support and an adjustable (up and/or down) neck rest for head support.
Buy the Ergonomic Lumbar Support and Neck Rest here.

Ergonomic Neck Rest
The Ergonomic Neck Rest attaches to a JNH saunas heater panel where it can be easily adjusted (up and/or down) to support the nape of your neck. This product exclusively works with JNH Lifestyles infrared saunas.
Buy the Ergonomic Neck Rest here.

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