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Infrared Sauna Accessories

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Uplift your bath time with our home sauna kit.


Using sauna on a regular basis provides boundless health benefits. An infrared sauna complete with sauna accessories can help any user create the perfect ambiance for a relaxing and refreshing soak in the soothing heat of the sauna. Our home sauna kit at JNH Lifestyles is designed to make sure that every user’s sauna experience goes a long way toward maximizing the benefits of using their in-home sauna.

  • Achieve ultimate relaxation
  • Make your sauna a more comfortable experience
  • Accomplish your wellness goals


Looking for infrared home sauna kit? We’ve put together the most important home sauna accessories to help you gain the most out of the whole sauna experience.

Infrared Foot Warmer
This device is developed to provide the user with a direct heat source during an infrared sauna session. Our Infrared Foot Warmer is best to relieve knee joint pain, relax and rest tired feet, reduce swelling and discomfort, increase blood circulation, decrease joint stiffness, and maintain foot health, among others.

Oxygen Ionizer
Get rid of pollens, bacteria, and other pollutants stuck in your infrared sauna with Oxygen Ionizer. This device is specifically designed to clean the air, prevent the spread of disease – especially if multiple people are using the sauna-, boost your mood, and clean the air.

S-Shaped Backrest
Relax to the fullest with a nice comfortable incline on which you can lean against. Backrests are a valuable addition to your home sauna kit with the comfort and direct support they offer.

Chromotherapy Light
Revitalize and enrich your mind with chromotherapy light. JNH Lifestyles’ Chromotherapy light exclusively works with Vivo, Freedom, Joyous, and EnsiTM Collections.

Ergonomic Lumbar Support and Neck Rest
Sit back and relax in the penetrating heat with the Ergonomic Lumbar Support and Neck Rest. This product allows a relaxing recline, offering head and neck support. It helps in preventing headache and neurological damage.

Ergonomic Neck Rest
Allow airflow under your neck and head. Use this Ergonomic Neck Rest for lumbar support and headrest. This product exclusively works with Vivo, Joyous, Freedom, Heritage, and Ensi™ Collections.

Experience supreme comfort and relaxation with the right sauna accessories to complete your in-home infrared sauna. Ease your body pain, relieve stress, detoxify, and gain the many benefits of having an in-home sauna.

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