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Vivo Collection

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Vivo- The Original Infrared Sauna


Today, many people across the U.S. have experienced the many benefits of using a sauna; and many individuals are also left intrigued by what sauna has to offer. Do not be immediately bothered by how much does a sauna cost. Instead, think about the boundless benefits of using it.

  • Release toxins
  • Relieve unwanted pain
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Relax your mind and body
  • Purify your skin

Start your infrared sauna tradition with Vivo Collection.


The Vivo Collection is designed based on traditional saunas with minimal glasses, allowing more privacy even when placed in a busy household. With the same design as the original infrared sauna made 20 years ago, it is completed with the latest technology that research and development has to offer. Each unit is handcrafted from Canadian Hemlock and comes complete with our top-grade, reliable carbon fiber heaters, as well as LED lighting, a digital control panel, and a premium sound system.

Canadian Hemlock
All our infrared sauna units featured in our Vivo Collection are crafted from Canadian Hemlock, extremely sturdy wood with a light color tone that goes well with just about any color palette. It is more resistant to shrinkage, non-allergic, non-toxic, and has little to no aroma. Using this type of wood provides an impressive balance of strength and beauty to your home.

Top-Grade Carbon Fiber Heaters
Even heat distribution, lower surface temperature, and lower energy cost — these are just some of the benefits of using sauna with carbon fiber heaters. It provides more heat coverage than ceramic heater saunas and emits infrared rays which are beneficial for health and healing.

LED Lighting
Sauna lights are essential for setting the mood for relaxation and stimulation. All units featured in the Vivo Collection are equipped with long-lasting interior LED lights that make saunas last longer. LED is a good alternative for fiber optic lighting.

Digital Control Panel
Our infrared saunas offer convenience and comfort with their digital control panel. This feature allows you to control the temperature and the duration of use while you are using your in-home sauna bath.

Premium Sound System
Our infrared units come with premium speakers and amplifiers that include volume rockers and on/off switch. These features allow you to enjoy listening to relaxing music while the sauna eases your body aches.

Still thinking about buying a sauna? Browse our collections and see for yourself the benefits of using a sauna.

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