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6 Interesting Ways to Switch Up Your In-Home Sauna Experience

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Turn the unit on, set the temperature, sit down, and start sweating— getting all the health benefits of an infrared sauna can be as easy as that. But why stop there? An in-home sauna. gives you much-needed privacy and solitude in the business of daily life. With a whole sauna to yourself, finding something great to do while you sweat those toxins out can go a long way toward renewing your mind and spirit.

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  1. Practice Mindfulness
    With so many things to do during the day, it's hard to find time to slow down and let go. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be complicated and can start with simply focusing on your breathing. Clear your mind as you take slow, deep breaths.

    If you’re up for a challenge, make your breathing deliberate by counting your breath to improve your focus. Cleansing your body while cleansing your mind will leave you feeling energized and invigorated.
  2. Catch up with a Friend
    In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be impossible to carve out some time just to catch up with your pals. However, if you have a multi-person sauna it makes it easy to invite a friend over to share your sauna experience while enjoying their company.
  3. Listen to Your Favorite Music
    Top-of-the-line saunas integrate premium audio systems into their product lines. These come complete with superior amplifiers and digital controls. Listening to music in a sauna can enhance your relaxation. For instance, play some classical music to help you unwind some more.
  4. Get a Quick Massage
    Infrared heat penetrates your muscles and tissues deeply, allowing them to heal and rejuvenate. Why not improve that process and feel better by giving your shoulders, feet, and other parts of your body a mini massage? You can get one of those inexpensive massagers for an even better way to come out of your sauna feeling ultra-relaxed.
  5. Read Your Favorite Book
    Love to read but have no time for reading? Try taking your favorite books into the sauna to catch up on a few chapters.
  6. Stretch out with Yoga
    If you practice yoga and want to take your sauna time to a whole new level, why not do both at the same time? The serene solitude of an infrared sauna can be an excellent place to practice your poses and keep your muscles flexible.

An Exciting Part of Your Daily Routine

Your sauna time can feel like a luxurious indulgence after a long day at work, or a place to rest if you’re just in the mood to relax. Another great thing is that you don’t have to go far for that much-needed getaway. Let your sauna melt away all your stress and worries as you forget about the world for a while.

If you're not sure which infrared sauna type is right for you, start your search by reading infrared sauna reviews. Finally, contact us at JNH Lifestyles— we’re excited to answer all questions you might have about getting an infrared sauna for your home.

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