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Carbon Fiber Heaters Enable the Wonders of a Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

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Those who remember their basic science probably appreciate and marvel at the seemingly contradictory branding in the term, low EMF far infrared sauna. After all, every electrical appliance emits varying degrees of electromagnetic radiation, depending on the heat source. Since sauna heaters are l known to reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, then it can be assumed that these use high amperage, equating to a high EMF. The question arises: How can a high amperage emit a low EMF? The answer lies in some understanding of the far infrared (FIR) sauna itself.

Why Carbon Fiber Heaters are Essential to a Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

The Basics of Far Infrared Sauna

To be able to fully understand how it is possible for a room with high temperature to emit low EMF, you first need to learn how an FIR sauna works. FIR saunas are small, heated rooms in which a person can sit and sweat toxins out of the body, just like a traditional sauna. However, the glaring difference between the two is the heat source and the kind of radiation it generates.

FIR saunas use a special type of heater that emits infrared radiation, which is considerably safer compared to other types of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. Since FIR uses a deep penetrating radiation, it is a more effective tool for inducing sweat. Though some might be wary in choosing far infrared saunas over traditional ones, many buyers choose FIR saunas because they can easily be moved from one place to another. Furthermore, a far infrared sauna delivers a rather long list of health benefits that range from anti-aging to treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Despite of all this, many consumers remained skeptical about any level of EMF at all, even in FIR saunas. They insisted that an infrared sauna should produce zero-to-low EMF to guarantee the user’s health and safety.

Effects of EMF on the Human Body: What’s the big deal?

In today’s world, where electronic appliances and gadgets practically envelope you, it is quite impossible to shield yourself from EMF from day to day. Even the simple light bulb emits a small amount of EMF. While EMF is ubiquitous (unless you reside where there is no electricity), the degree of its intensity varies with the current, or amperage, and voltage present.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to excess EMF is commonly associated with various illnesses and diseases such as nausea, depression, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, loss of libido, and can even trigger suicide. WHO does not dispute the contention that EMF can produce adverse effects on human health if exposed to high levels for prolonged periods of time. Yet, experiments involving healthy individuals exposed to EMF for short periods of time exhibit no detrimental effects to their health from EMF.

That being said, consumers still choose to err on the safe side and purchase low EMF far infrared saunas.

How is Low EMF Possible?

Low EMF FIR saunas commonly use either ceramic or carbon-fiber heaters. There are even some that utilize charcoal heaters, though these are very rare. The common characteristic shared by these heaters is responsible for keeping EMF levels safe: They are all made of non-conductive materials.

Though ceramic heaters are generally cheaper, carbon-fiber heaters are more practical because they boast a longer service life than ceramic while distributing heat more evenly throughout the sauna than a ceramic heater. Additionally, far infrared saunas equipped with carbon-fiber heaters produce a lower surface temperature, which helps keep the heat inside the sauna at comfortable levels.

While some might see carbon-fiber heaters as optional and lavish, you can save twofold when you buy an infrared sauna equipped with them because of their energy efficiency and longevity, which results in fewer repairs and replacements. A low EMF FIR amounts to a win, win situation: You save money and your body.


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