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Scientific and Medical Community Provides Solid Proof to Support Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

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Over the years, far infrared (FIR) saunas have gained popularity with health-conscious individuals for their supposed benefits. However, like other health trends, they have been put under microscopic review ever since users and vendors alike started to sing praises of their benefits. While it is probably wise to be skeptical of any health products’ claims, the positive effects of far infrared saunas on human body have been well-documented by medical experts. .

Reducing Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases

As early as 2009, health experts in Canada advised their patients to use far infrared saunas to normalize blood pressure, thus reducing the patient’s propensity to various coronary risks. Although some view the numerous far infrared sauna benefits as an exaggeration, there is a moderate amount of medical studies that support even some of its more lucrative claims, such as lowering the body’s total cholesterol and reducing a patient’s stress, pain, or fatigue.

Scientific Publications Provide Proof of Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

These studies directly contradict one of the most circulated rumors regarding saunas, being that a person with a weak heart should not use them. The truth is that far infrared saunas are considered safe for use, especially if the patient has a stable heart condition (i.e. controlled chronic heart failure and hypertension).

Far Infrared Saunas Promote Detoxification

Perhaps the most notable benefit of far infrared saunas is its efficacy in detoxifying the body. According to one study, it is nearly impossible for the human body to have zero levels of toxic metals. But in today’s society, this is further aggravated by the fact that modern technology makes it easier for people to be exposed to toxic chemicals such cadmium, lead, and arsenic (all of which can be present even in tap water).

Though the usual toxin levels can be considered negligible, the human body is more than capable of circulating and accumulating these toxins through a lifetime of exposure. To address this alarming concern, the medical community strongly recommends sweating those toxins out, usually with the help of saunas.

Despite negative claims promulgated by its rivals, there’s no denying the fantastic health benefits of far infrared saunas. On the contrary, the regular use of FIR saunas enhance the body’s ability to reduce coronary risk factors and rid the body of the accumulated heavy metal toxins.


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