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Carefully Consider These Factors Before Buying a Low-EMF Infrared Sauna for Home Use

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By owning a low-EMF far-infrared sauna, you gain easy access to relaxation, detoxification, and a safe, therapeutic infusion to your overall well-being. This is all due to the low level of electromagnetic fields inherent to this type of sauna. Still, if you’re shopping for one of these models, there are important considerations to ponder prior to making your purchase decision.

Assess These Factors Before Buying a Low-EMF Far-Infrared Sauna

Indoors vs. Outdoors

A low EMF far infrared sauna can be built indoors or outdoors, depending on your personal preferences and budget. Indoor units allow the easiest and most comfortable access throughout the day. They save you the trouble of venturing outside in cold, wet weather, and repeating the inconvenience when returning indoors.

Indoor saunas also afford professionals an easier means of installation, since plumbing is more accessible indoors than it is outdoors. Moreover, an indoor sauna does not require the construction of a foundation, whereas an outdoor sauna does.

Most often, an outdoor unit proves more practical when indoor space is limited. You must simply acclimate yourself to walking outside when entering and leaving the sauna. An outdoor setup allows you to install a sauna as large as you like. It also affords a close-up view of nature through the door and window - contributing to its therapeutic value.

Perhaps most importantly, an outdoor sauna offers a peaceful space for escape from the bustle of your house, or the stress of a long day at work, an especially appreciable factor for those with large families.

Choosing the Right Materials

Low-EMF far-infrared saunas are composed of various esthetic and resilient woods. Cedar ranks as the most popular choice because of its natural beauty and durability, not to mention its aroma. Spruce proves another popular option often found in the Finnish areas. It features a beautiful white color that darkens naturally over time. Its esthetic therefore evolves in terms of color shade, adding interest to its appearance. The sauna owner never becomes bored by its hue.

Whatever type of wood you prefer, choose a softwood, which does not secrete resins and resists splintering. Subsequently, you and your family don’t have to worry about slivers while sliding across the sauna bench or shuffling across its floor.

If you need additional help choosing the right low-EMF far-infrared sauna, talk to a trusted manufacturer about available models, modifications, durability, and installation. With their help, you can choose the one that fits your chosen space and your home's essence for a well-synchronized look.


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