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According to an Infrared Sauna Review, Sauna Sessions Can Flush out These Toxins

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One of the best reasons to use your infrared sauna more regularly, is that it can help detoxify your body. This is possible due to the therapeutic heat inside the sauna that causes you to sweat and flush out any toxins present your system. In fact, according to an infrared sauna review, here are many common toxins that a far infrared sauna session can help rid your body of.

Heavy Metals

Your body may already be exposed to a variety of heavy metals in the environment. Heavy metals can be found in expected places such as pesticides, preserved wood, building materials, and chlorine plants, but they can also show up in fish, dental amalgams, and other everyday items that you might not be aware of.

Infrared Sauna Review: Rid Your Body of Toxins with Regular Sessions

When left to accumulate in the body, heavy metals can cause neurological disorders and even cancer. Heavy metal exposure has also been linked to abnormal heart rhythm, damaged blood vessels, fatigue, and nausea.


Throughout your home or office, the water pipes, ceiling, heating ducts and flooring insulation may contain asbestos. The most troubling part about this toxin is that direct exposure can cause significant scarring of lung tissue, as well as mesothelioma.

Chemicals in Household Products

Unfortunately, many of household products sold in supermarkets contain many chemicals that can be harmful to your body. For instance, there’s a good chance that the air freshener you use contains terpene. It’s an organic compound that can readily react with the ozone to form formaldehyde. When this happens, you instantly get exposed to one of the strongest types of carcinogens.

At the same time, your plastic food containers, plastic wrap and plastic bottles may contain phthalates, which can gradually cause serious damage in your endocrine system. Unfortunately, these are still commonly used in the foodservice industry.

Toxic substances can also be present in paint, cleansers and other common household products you may regularly bring into your home.

Gas Vapors

Every time you load up gas in your car, you instantly become exposed to harmful gas vapors. One of these is benzene, and significant exposure to it is believed to cause leukemia. This is also why some say that it is not a good idea to pump gas into your car on our own.

With regular infrared sauna sessions, you can flush all of these toxins out of your body as much as possible. Reach out to reputable suppliers like JNH Lifestyles to learn about your options today.


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