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What Traditional Sauna Users Realize, Based on Sauna Reviews

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Many new infrared sauna users converted from traditional or Finnish saunas. Some of them purchased infrared units because they’re fed up with having to go to distant spa and wellness centers to have thermal therapy sessions. Others simply had their curiosity piqued and wanted to know for themselves if an infrared sauna can perform as well as what they’re familiar with. Consequently, some believed in myths about infrared saunas being complicated to build and not giving enough heat. Here are the top three things that traditional users learn once they get their modern infrared sauna cabin.

Several Advantages Are Outlined from Infrared Sauna Reviews

Easy to Assemble

Many Finnish sauna users felt intimidated in buying an infrared sauna product because they imagine spending days building one. However, after getting a unit that has a modular structure, they realized that erecting it can take as little as 20 minutes to hour at most. As one infrared sauna reviewer noted, the thought that she could never assemble and install an infrared sauna by herself was proven wrong. She feared getting a manual with unclear and incomplete instructions. But when the unit was delivered, she received a single page of assembly instructions detailed and simple enough to fix everything on her own. When she had an issue with a door, she called customer support, and someone assisted her all the way. Other customers were similarly astonished at how easy it was to construct their saunas, noting that they never knew that several materials and screws would be enough to set up a quality, durable infrared sauna. Even a senior citizen noted that he and his wife bought a 2 person infrared sauna that he was able to assemble by himself. Customers appreciate modular infrared saunas that can be built in an hour or less.

Enough Warmth, Comfortable Heat

Another concern of frequent sauna users was that an infrared sauna would never be as hot as its Finnish counterparts. After all, their idea of sauna bathing was a hot, humid room. Traditional dry saunas depend on temperatures as high as 195 degrees Fahrenheit, which can overwhelm people who are extremely sensitive to the heat. Infrared saunas rely on a much milder temperature scale of between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the infrared sauna is working, customers learned about how quickly ceramic infrared heaters can warm the cabin. In addition, while they can last for only ten minutes in very hot traditional saunas, warm infrared radiation enabled them to stay for 30 minutes and even more per session. As a happy customer noted, she expected low heat from an infrared sauna but instead, she received plenty of comfortable warmth, enjoyable and relaxing! She frequently uses her infrared sauna now for an hour, five to six times a week.

Amazing Health Benefits

Customers relish the astounding health benefits of an infrared sauna. While they initially thought that something as small as glowing skin would be the greatest benefit, they received many other health advantages. Athletes and regular gym-goers loved that after 30 minutes of infrared sauna bathing they felt reduced pain and faster muscle strain recuperation. Senior citizens reported lower pain levels and reduced fatigue. Furthermore, people who had heart conditions and other chronic health problems felt a decline in their symptoms and believed that apart from medicine, regular infrared sauna sessions improved blood circulation and overall wellness. Many infrared sauna users added that they slept better and longer too. As a result, they felt energetic every morning and generally upbeat throughout the day.

Another benefit is losing weight. Numerous customers appreciated that, despite being too tired to exercise or too sick and weak to engage in vigorous exercises, an hour of infrared sauna torched hundreds of calories resulting in a significant weight drop. All of them looked forward to another sauna bathing session at the end of the day, including on weekends.

Whatever negative assumptions that traditional sauna users had, an effective and modular infrared sauna unit squashed all of them.. Now they love their saunas and use them as often as possible to unwind and improve both fitness and overall health.


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