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Rely on Low EMF Sauna Sessions for Youth Enhancement, Longevity, and an Envigored Life

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A slew of activities and treatments profess to make a person feel and look young. Meditation, yoga, and tai chi are a few common activities that claim to provide anti-aging effects. The same goes for antioxidant-loaded drinks and pro-hormone substances. However, many people overlook the treasure chest of anti-aging benefits to be gained from heat therapy provided by a sauna. Infrared saunas continue to gain popularity not only for their ease of use, but also their many health benefits.

Spending 20-30 minutes inside a low EMF sauna a few times a week does the trick by giving you a boost physically, mentally, and emotionally. Combined, these benefits make you feel younger every day in the following ways.

How a Low EMF Sauna Can Help You Defy Age, Stay Fit, and Feel Fresh

Increased Growth Hormone

Growth hormones (GH) acts as a repair tool for damaged muscles and tissues in the body, as well as a regulator of insulin levels and adaptive properties. Thanks to GH, your muscles continue to develop the lean content, necessary for staying fit and healthy. Regular sauna use can induce the production and secretion of these hormones. According to one study by the Annals of Clinical Research, repeated exposure to sauna heat boosts levels of serum GH by 16 times. They help the anterior pituitary increase the concentration of GH secreted from it during circulation.

Higher Noradrenaline

In a sense, the fountain of youth does exist, but inside the human body. This comes from the hormone noradrenaline, which possesses the ability to deter aging while instilling vigor and a youthful feeling. When you regularly spend time in a sauna, expect the levels of noradrenaline in your body to increase with the penetrating heat from the sauna. Research shows that sauna heat can raise the level of noradrenaline by a staggering three times over. When your body receives a boost of this age-defying hormone, you gain a sense of rejuvenation and restored youth.

Boosted Heat Shock Proteins

Think of heat shock proteins (HSPs) as agents protecting your body from damaged proteins. These little warriors monitor your body for “misfolded” proteins, which can lead to maladies if they continue to circulate. Once they spot damaged proteins, HSPs try to fix them and return them to their proper structure. However, if the damage proves irreparable, HSPs will break them down by activating the immune cells to attack the damaged proteins, thereby preventing them from circulating through your body. Regular low EMF sauna use induces this preemptive HSP process, believed to be the core reason why saunas help deal with illnesses, bolster health, and promote longevity.

Spiked Pleasure Compounds

There’s nothing better than a dose of “feel good” chemicals to invigorate and refresh in order to instill a youthful zeal. These compounds are called beta-endorphins, responsible for the feelings of pleasure and happiness. Regular sauna use induces the production of these compounds, making users feel an overall sense of wellbeing. This results in that youthful vibe, which can lift the years from your shoulders.

Relieved Pain

Pain can make you feel old, as can taking any painkillers to relieve the aches. However, with an infrared sauna, your muscles and joints can breathe a sigh of relief from the pain in a natural way. This eliminates the intake of painkillers that produce unwanted side-effects.

By purchasing a low EMF sauna, you can leave the car in the garage and painkillers on the store shelves. You only need to walk inside the comfort of your living space to use you sauna. It welcomes you anytime of the day or week without spending a penny on gasoline.


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