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Who Can Benefit from A Home Infrared Sauna?

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You may have read about celebrities and famous bloggers who use a home infrared sauna to look after their health and emotional well-being. What, you might be thinking, is the big deal? What is an infrared sauna, and why would I want one in my home?

A traditional sauna heats the air, and unfortunately, some individuals may have a difficult time tolerating that heat. Infrared saunas, on the other hand, heat your body directly using infrared light. As a result, you are able to enjoy the benefits of sauna bathing, but at a lower, more comfortable temperature than traditional saunas. This gentle heat makes it more accessible to a wider portion of the population.

The Benefits: Relaxation

If you’ve ever lingered in a warm shower, you understand why people find infrared saunas relaxing. The warmth and quiet promote stress reduction.For those dealing with chronic stress,daily stress-busting activities can have an enormously positive influence on their health. And although you may think that your stress level is normal, over time increased levels of stress can affect everything from your weight and your ability to sleep at night, to your relationships. You should consider some form of daily stress relief if you’ve experienced any of the following within the last year:

-Job Change

-Change in Marital Status


-Death of a Loved One

-Major Health Diagnosis

-Financial Hardship

-Or even the stress of the holidays!

The Benefits: Pain Relief

If you suffer from chronic pain, you understand the importance of having an easily accessible form of pain relief.Individuals with chronic pain often experience it on a daily basis, sometimes at predictable times, sometimes without warning.The dry heat of an infrared sauna can offer relief from painful joints and muscles.

Many people believe that infrared light, which penetrates the body directly rather than warming the surrounding air, has an anti-inflammatory effect that benefits those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even type 2 diabetes.While more rigorous studies are needed to confirm these anecdotal reports, the medical community agrees that infrared saunas are safe for people with chronic pain.

The Benefits: Sweating

Sweat has been associated with both traditional saunas and “sweat lodges” for hundreds of years, but did you know that a good sweat can have multiple benefits?Sweat is one of your body’s ways of releasing toxins, and breaking into a significant sweat can help you to lose a bit of water weight.

Users of infrared saunas report that using the sauna elevates their heart rate and gives them the same boost in mental clarity that moderate exercise does.

Is a home infrared sauna right for you? If you have chronic pain, chronic stress, or if you just want to keep yourself in top physical and emotional form, the answer just might be yes.


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