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How a Home Sauna Can Fire Up Your Intimate Relationship with Your Partner

How a Home Sauna Can Fire Up Your Intimate Relationship with Your Partner

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There is a reasonable amount of research showing that saunas have a positive effect on the health of those who use it. A home sauna is the best place to unwind after a heavy workout. It relaxes the body and cools it down giving your 

muscles time to recuperate. However, that’s only one of its benefits.

Saunas are also reported to improve sex life and performance. Not convinced? Check out these five sauna health benefits that can fire up your relationship.

  1. Increased nitric oxide

A high amount of nitric oxide helps dilate key blood vessels supplying the penis, which improves its erectile function. Viagra, a popular drug that aids in sexual intercourse, does this artificially by inhibiting the production of the enzyme that naturally breaks down nitric oxide. Through a session in the sauna, you can do this naturally.   

  1. Weight loss

Paired with regular exercise and a balanced diet, weight loss can be achieved with the help of sessions in your home sauna. These sessions will help in developing an individual’s weight loss plan and developing a healthier relationship with their body.

  1. Reduced stress

The heat and sweat resulting from an appropriate time in a sauna reduce levels of stress.  Research shows that stress level is  considered to be one of the major contributors to health problems that can affect penis function. Eliminate stress and be more active!

  1. Improved immune system

A study published in the Journal of Human Kinetics shows that athletes who spent 15 minutes in the sauna experienced an increase in white blood cell count—a direct marker for immune strength. Additional research is discovering a correlation between a healthy immune system and a functional sex life.

  1. More youthful skin

Sweating caused by  sauna sessions not only cools your body and  relaxes your muscles, but also releases different toxins from your body. This cleansing effect aids in the maintenance of healthy glowing skin. A healthy skin, free of blemishes and  diseases will certainly help  your chances of staying active.

On to A More Active Lifestyle

So next time you see a home sauna for sale, remember how it can benefit your health and your relationship with your loved one.  The two go hand in hand. Begin a more active lifestyle and  JNH Lifestyles now!

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