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Paleo, Low Carb, Keto? Supercharge Your Diet with a Home Sauna!

Paleo, Low Carb, Keto? Supercharge Your Diet with a Home Sauna!

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Fitness experts offer a simple formula for weight loss – 80% diet, 20% exercise . You need to burn more calories than you consume, and many people turn to various diet regimens to achieve this. Whatever diet you’re following – Keto, Paleo, Low fat, Low Carb, and more – a home sauna can help you drop the pounds faster.

Amplify Your Workouts

Let’s face it: working out every day is hard. Thousands of people get gym memberships with good intentions, only to drop out halfway. However, exercise is necessary for long-term weight loss and whole body wellness.

Have you wondered why more gyms are installing saunas? It’s because heat therapy boosts training results by:

  • Increasing resilience and stamina
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Stimulating muscle recovery and post-workout pain relief
  • Assisting proper cooldown
  • Enhancing mobility
  • Burning calories due to increased heart rate

Heat therapy also ends workouts on a positive note. Instead of going home with a stiff, painful body, you leave the gym with a relaxed body and mind.

Burn 600 Calories While Relaxing

A few minutes inside an infrared sauna will increase your body temperature. This boosts your heart and metabolic rate similar to the effects of a light jog. A study found that participants burn up to 600 calories in a 30-minute session .

Another study by Binghamton University asked participants to sit in a sauna three times a week, and up to 45 minutes each session. By the 16-week mark, participants reported a 4% loss in body fat . Heat therapy benefits don't just apply to weight loss.

Keep the Weight Off with Good Sleep

Lack of quality sleep is bad for your health, and even more so if you’re on a diet. This is because metabolism slows down when you don't get enough sleep. Sleepiness also makes you more prone to snacking to fight off the sleepiness.

If you find it hard to drift off into slumber, spending 20 minutes in a in-home sauna before bedtime can make a world of difference.

Raising your body heat then cooling it down swiftly tells your brain that it’s time to sleep. Your body then proceeds to produce the sleep hormone melatonin necessary for deep sleep. In tandem with diet and exercise, consistent, quality sleep after a home sauna session will help you reach your target weight.

Reduce Stress and Improve Mood

Sitting in a quiet, gently-lit infrared sauna is one of the most relaxing things you can do. It calms you down and helps you forget your worries. Saunas are known to alleviate depression and anxiety, as well as encourage positive mood.

Stress is the enemy of weight loss. It makes you overeat, feel bad about your body, tired, and demotivated. When you’re stressed, you find it hard to eat well and exercise.

Just 15 minutes inside your home infrared sauna every day can have a transformative effect on your mood. This helps you commit to your diet goals and feel good about yourself.

Be Your Best Self with a Home Sauna

Aside from weight loss, infrared saunas from JNH Lifestyles offer many other life-enhancing benefits. Better yet, you can enjoy all of it in the comfort of your own home!

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