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Let Your Sweat Glands Succeed in Safely Ridding Your Body of Toxins with a 2-Person Infrared Sauna

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A quick hashtag search of “infrared saunas” on Instagram will yield photos easily mistaken as a sci-fi movie scene instead of the latest trend in health and wellness.

Social media sites teem with far-infrared sauna photos, videos, and snaps resembling an X-Files episode screencap rather than a trending lifestyle innovation: half-naked people inside a tiny room, bathed in soft, glowing, colored light—all drenched in an ocean of sweat.

Meanwhile, these saunas and their health benefits receive accolades and “must-try” status from Hollywood celebrities like queen of talk, Oprah Winfrey, and lifestyle diva, Gwyneth Paltrow, who featured it on Goop . Reportedly, Jennifer Aniston and husband Justin Theroux also rely upon a 2-person infrared sauna for their weekly detox sessions.

A 2-Person Infrared Sauna Emits Infrared Waves to Purge Body Toxins

Vogue calls it life-changing, naming the infrared sauna as one of the best ways to cleanse in its recent detoxing guide.

How does it work?

While old-style saunas warm the air inside the room to make you work up a sweat, infrared saunas use electromagnetic radiation to directly warm your body and stimulate your sweat glands.

Although this may sound dangerous, it isn't at all. Infrared is in the far category of the electromagnetic spectrum, and shares the same frequency as the rays of the sun, minus the harmful UV rays.

So, when the infrared waves are absorbed by your tissues, it causes your body's water molecules to vibrate. This breaks down the toxins inside your body, which then get flushed out through your sweat.

But, more importantly, is it safe?

The short answer is: Yes!

The long answer is also yes. In fact, neonatal beds that are used to keep premature babies warm use the same infrared technology as infrared saunas. So, if it's safe enough for precious newborn babies, it's probably safe enough for your weekend sessions.

The benefits? It has something for everyone.

One infrared sauna session can help you burn up to 600 calories by doing absolutely nothing but sitting. So, if you plan a special event—class reunion, red carpet, wedding—and wish to look great in your outfit without having to suffer wearing Spanx, an infrared sauna is your best friend.

The infrared sauna can also give you 'the glow'—that radiant, flushed, youthful bliss that everyone tries to recreate with tons of makeup. By stimulating sweat glands beneath the skin, you can easily enable them to flush out your toxins in as little as 30 minutes.

Athletes utilize the infrared sauna as a form of therapy to treat injuries. One study indicates that people who suffer from chronic pain are more likely to see improvement or manage their condition if they spend time at the sauna every day for a month.

While research on the infrared sauna as a therapy for cardiac diseases is somewhat minimal,

there are several studies that have found a significant drop in blood pressure among those who regularly undergo infrared sauna treatments.


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