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What Can You Expect to Get From Your Infrared Sauna?

What Can You Expect to Get From Your Infrared Sauna?

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If you’ve decided to get a far infrared sauna for your home, you likely know a lot about the health benefits that they provide, and how affordable they are.  Just one question remains: what features and accessories should you be seeking in the ideal home sauna kit? We looked at some of the different ones on the market and tried to answer that question.

In what situations does getting a home infrared sauna kit make the most sense for you?  Ask yourself this question:  How much do you like putting things together? When the time comes that you need some carpentry or electrical work done in the house, are you excited because this is the chance for a DIY project, or do you shudder at the notion of picking up a hammer and screwdriver? When the deck needs to be sealed, do you hire someone to do it or tackle the job with enthusiasm?

The time that you’re likely going to want a home sauna kit is if you relish home improvement projects. You can order it, get it delivered to your house, and then follow the instructions to set it up wherever you like. You will probably feel a notable sense of pride once the sauna is complete and functional. You’ll know that this was another job well done on your part.

Some of the Features and Accessories You Can Get with Home Infrared Saunas

Once you’ve determined that you want to get a home sauna kit, you should look at some of the sauna accessories and features that are available.  Some companies sell their saunas with add-ons  that come in handy, while some of them aren’t particularly useful.

Carbon Heaters

In many home infrared sauna models, you’re looking at carbon heaters as the source from which the infrared light beams are directed at your body. In most cases, the more heaters you’re getting, the better.

As vital as the number of heaters is where they are located. The best far infrared sauna kits come with heaters that should be affixed not only to either side of you but also on the floor and even the ceiling in some cases. The best far infrared saunas are those that bombard you with heat from all directions so that you quickly feel the relaxing effects that they’re meant to generate.

How the Sauna Fits Together

When you’re trying to judge the quality of a particular sauna model, pay special attention to how the different components fit together. In general, the ones that screw together are going to be better for you from a health standpoint, and they are also going to last longer.

If there are no screws or buckles visible, then the far infrared sauna is meant to be held together with glue. In time, that glue might begin to loosen, and the integrity of the sauna will be affected. Not only that, but you’ll be breathing in the fumes. The sauna’s assembly method will indicate whether you picked a more high-end model.

Therapeutic Tools

Some far infrared sauna models come with things like ozonators, ionizers, and even color therapy systems like chromotherapy.   These items  produce ambient colors that  you can look while you’re in the sauna. It’s  kind of like watching a Pink Floyd laser light show.

How useful are  these accessories?  That’s a matter of personal opinion. Some people enjoy them, but their effectiveness varies between person to person.

Drying Agents

Some far infrared sauna models come with various chemical drying agents that you can spray on the inside of the sauna after you’re done using it. They’re nice to have, but probably unnecessary since the far infrared sauna does not produce steam, so the damage that can occur from repeated steam exposure is not going to be an issue. You can still use them to wipe down the interior of the sauna in case some of your sweat has accumulated, but a towel serves the purpose just as well.


Some far infrared saunas or home sauna kits come with towels for you to use. This is also unnecessary since one towel is as good as another.  You are likely to  have towels  at home, but if your home sauna model comes with them, then there is certainly no harm in it.


Some models come with speakers to pipe in your favorite music. Again, this is a nice thing to have, though hardly essential. If you want to listen to music, then you can always bring along your phone and some  headphones. It is generally the luxury or high-end far infrared sauna models that come with speakers, but you probably shouldn’t think of them as something you need.

Now you should have some idea of what accessories you might be getting with your far infrared sauna. Maybe some of these items strike you as essential, and you’ll be looking for them as you peruse the different options on the market. Once you get your chosen accessory  delivered, you’ll  be able to enjoy your new infrared sauna in short order, and  will quickly find that sauna time can be the best part of your day.

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