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A Home Sauna Kit Is A Good Fitness Trend To Follow

A Home Sauna Kit Is A Good Fitness Trend To Follow

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The era when smoking a cigarette while knocking out shots of liquor over a steak dinner is now a primitive lifestyle. A time now preserved in MGM movies or episodes of Mad Men. Today, we are a society that tries to follow the fitness trends such as veganism, yoga and the only shot glasses we knockdown are full of wheatgrass! We are a nation that chooses to go out and buy a home sauna kit over a pack of smokes.

Why Should You Buy A Home Sauna Kit?

Over the past 50 years, you will find that there are loads of health benefits to take advantage of when you sauna bathe regularly. The Finnish and most of Eastern Europe were the first people to practice the notion that sweating deeply every day can provide the body and mind a great sense of reinvigoration.

The heat, especially from an infrared sauna, fades unwanted tension, allows muscles to relax and leaves you feeling mentally ready to take on any challenges ahead of you. In reality, if you purchase a home sauna kit and install it in your house, you would just need a few minutes a day to look and feel better. It has been well-documented over thousands of years, that the body responds well to gentle, consistent heat and is the reason for many medical professionals recommending sauna use for its health benefits. Here are some health advantages that have made infrared sauna use a popular fitness trend.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Performance

It comes as no surprise that many sauna bathers mention that the reduction in their stress levels is the number one advantage of infrared sauna use. What makes it even more relaxing is when you have a sauna decked out with sauna accessories such as a neck rest, lumbar support system, lighting, and a Bluetooth system!

Doctors are constantly preaching to us that the stress we endure in our daily lives can negatively impact our health. The gospel truth is that many diseases, including heart disease, is partly caused by stress. infrared sauna sessions support stress relief in numerous ways.

First of all, it’s a warm, quiet space without any distractions from the outside world. The sauna generates a heat that relaxes the body’s muscles, enhances circulation and encourages the release of endorphins. Endorphins are a natural chemical that is found in the body and is often nicknamed the “feel good” hormone and is responsible for giving you that all over sauna glow!

Here are more reasons that daily sauna use can improve your cardiovascular system:
  • Sauna use lowers your risk for all-cause mortality and fatal cardiac incidents, such as heart attacks. If you use a sauna two to three times per week at 174ºF, you can lower your risk of Cardiovascular Disease by 27% and four to seven times per week lowers your risk by 50%.
  • Decrease your risk of high blood pressure with regular sauna use. A three-month study on bi-weekly sauna use revealed a lower incident of hypertension.
  • Long periods of sauna use that are combined with aerobic exercise can improve arterial compliance, which points to healthier arteries that are more capable of handling extra stresses.
  • When you use a sauna, you increase your heart rate just like you would do with aerobic exercise. While sitting in a sauna, expect your heart rate to range from 120 to 150 beats per minute.

Better Recovery After An Intense Workout

Since an infrared sauna emits heat that can penetrate deeply into the body’s cells and tissues, the body can effortlessly release endorphins. As mentioned before, endorphins are “happy” chemicals that have a mild tranquilizing effect and can reduce the pain associated with arthritis and muscle soreness that you would get from an intense physical workout.

While you are in the sauna, your body temperature rises because of the heat and this results in the blood vessels dilating, which increases blood circulation. When the body experiences an increased blood flow, it speeds up the body’s natural healing process when coping with aches and pains as well as healing minor cuts and bruises. Using an infrared sauna after physical activity can encourage muscle relaxation since it reduces muscle tension and gets rid of lactic acid and other toxins.

  • Individuals who regularly use the sauna can benefit from strength training via better recovery and muscle growth through the heightened growth hormones.
  • According to a University of Iowa study, after one sauna use, growth hormones rise by 200 to 300%. This showed to reduce muscle atrophy in the study’s participants.
  • Further study revealed that three weeks of sauna bathing after exercising can increase run time to exhaustion by 32% in male distance runners.

Saunas Flush Out Harmful Toxins

Sweating is a serious problem, it’s an issue not because we sweat too much, but on the other hand, too little. The body needs to have a deep sweat on the daily to stay healthy. Deep sweating has numerous health benefits and can be achieved with regular infrared sauna bathing.

The sauna heat raises the body’s core temperature, which makes the blood vessels dilate and causes an increase in blood flow. The blood’s heat starts to travel towards the skin’s surface, which triggers the body’s nervous system to send out signals to the trillions of sweat glands that cover your entire body. When the sweat glands get stimulated, they sweat.

The body is designed to produce sweat to cool itself down when it’s enduring extremely hot temperatures. This type of sweating is usually composed of 99% water. However, a deep sweat in an infrared sauna can eliminate high levels of copper, zinc, lead, nickel, mercury and other toxic chemicals that we absorb by just interacting within our daily surroundings.

Ultimately, if you want to look better, sleep better and feel better, using an infrared sauna at home is a fitness trend that is here to stay. It’s has been around for thousands of years and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The convenience of enjoying well-being and good health at home cannot be replaced by any fad diet or gimmicky fitness appliances. 

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