Comparison Between Carbon Fiber and Ceramic Infrared Sauna Heaters

While the whole world is in agreement that time spent in the sauna is good for an individual’s well-being there still seems to be some debate as to which kind of sauna is the best. Not all saunas are the same. The main difference between saunas is the heating technology behind them. For instance, when it comes to infrared saunas, the most popular heating technologies are ceramic and carbon fiber. If you ask the experts, they’ll tell you that carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters are better than the ceramic ones. Read on to find out about the advantages of carbon fiber heaters.

Energy Efficiency

According to Hormone Health and Regenerative Therapy ceramic heaters have been around for quite some time now compared to carbon fiber heaters. Carbon fiber heating technology are newer and, therefore, use better technology. One edge it has over ceramic heaters is that it is more energy efficient. Carbon fiber heating generally consumes lower energy due to lower surface temperatures required to operate them. With more even heat distribution due to the heaters’ thin carbon plates and longer lifetime expectancy, it allows users to get the most use out of their saunas.

Healthier Heating

People are advised not to stay long in saunas longer than recommended due to health problems that may arise due to exposure to high temperatures. With Carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters, the risks are further reduced. Lower temperatures and longer wavelength infrared rays allow people to tolerate longer therapy sessions inside the sauna. Carbon fiber heaters have a more even distribution of heat that solves cold spot problems experienced with ceramic heaters. Also, infrared heat from carbon fiber heaters penetrate deeper into the skin tissue which allows the body to absorb more energy. This makes carbon fiber the better choice from a health-conscious point of view.

Highly Durable

One known drawback of ceramic heaters is that they tend to be more fragile. With repeated usage, ceramic material can crack, crumble away and eventually shatter. Not to mention that they aren’t known for a long lifespan either. The carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters for sale today at trusted suppliers like JNH Lifestyles, on the other hand, are exceptionally durable. Carbon fiber heaters are made from 100 percent carbon sheet that perform well under high temperatures for extended periods of time.


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