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Crush Your Weight Training Goals with Sauna Health Benefits

Crush Your Weight Training Goals with Sauna Health Benefits

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Weight training, or lifting weights, has become incredibly popular with both men and women striving for greater fitness. Beyond the weights and reps, an infrared sauna should be part of your daily lifting routine. Sauna health benefits have been shown to elevate weight training in significant ways.

Power Up with an Infrared Sauna

Weight lifting builds resistance by using weights. The muscles get stressed, forcing them to get stronger and adapt. Over time, you get stronger, leaner, and more toned overall.

The spa-like ambiance of an infrared sauna may seem like the total opposite of a hardcore gym session, but consider these:

  • Saunas Enhance Endurance

    Inside a sauna, you’re surrounded by intense heat and your body learns to acclimate. As a result, you become better at handling sweaty, stressful, and hot workouts required to lift weights.

    In addition, infrared heat increases plasma and blood volume, which means it takes more to get you exhausted. Thanks to an improved cardiovascular system, you’re able to lift heavier weights in more sets.

  • Saunas Increase Muscle Mass

    A significant physiological effect of weightlifting is the release of growth hormones (GH). It's vital for muscle repair and growth. Infrared heat naturally speeds up production of GH, up to 200% according to one study.

  • Saunas Enhance Strength Gains

    Since infrared heat increases blood flow and volume, it becomes more efficient at delivering oxygen and nutrients to muscles. This also encourages the repair of damaged proteins, so you retain muscle even if you miss a workout or two.

The workout benefits you get when you buy sauna don’t end there!

Heat and Lean Muscle

The moment you enter a sauna, you will sweat profusely. Most of this is water weight at the beginning. As you burn fat and build lean muscle through weight training, infrared heat becomes your ally.

  • Flush out toxins

    You’re not just sweating out water. Heat also flushes out pollutants like copper, nickel, zinc, and mercury that the body absorbs through the environment and food. Once these toxins are gone, fat is burned more effectively.

  • Increases metabolism

    Your heart rate increases by as much as 30% inside a sauna, triggering a significant metabolic boost. This allows you to burn calories faster.

Since healthy, lean muscle is what you’re going for with weight training, sitting inside a sauna is an excellent complement to your tough workouts.

Encourages Muscle Healing

Weight training damages your muscles and causes micro tears in tissues. The muscles then repair themselves, making you stronger and able to handle more difficult sets. This process is at the heart of strength training.

Serious weightlifters who use saunas made a startling discovery: using an infrared sauna after the workout helped them recover faster . This explains why more and more gyms are installing saunas in their facilities! Infrared heat can:

  • Relieve muscle tension for quicker recovery
  • Enhance flexibility
  • Lessen post-workout pain
  • Provide stress relief and relaxation for greater well-being

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All of these benefits make sauna cost an investment in your fitness and health. What does your ideal sauna look like? We'd love to answer all of your questions, let’s talk!

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