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Factor In the Yoga Benefits into Home Sauna Cost

Factor In the Yoga Benefits into Home Sauna Cost

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The numerous health benefits of infrared saunas have inspired  many people to check out how much a home sauna cost.  Home saunas are now one of the biggest trends to hit the health and wellness industry, and  if you're a yoga enthusiast, there's even more to look forward to.  This is because an infrared sauna is a terrific complement to yoga.

Infrared Saunas are Gentler, But More Effective

Traditional saunas have  a more aggressive way of heating the body since they achieve extreme temperatures by heating the air and expose users to a high amount  of humidity.  This can be tough on the body, especially when you do it before or after a rousing yoga session.

In contrast, infrared saunas heat objects. It’s gentler and more therapeutic; a lot of yogis compare the feeling to the sun, praising the nourishing, therapeutic effect of an infrared sauna session.

Complements a Yoga Practice

Since the heat of a traditional sauna can trigger your fight or flight mode, it has the potential to leave you hungry and exhausted. Maintaining that post-yoga serenity can be hard.

On the other hand, the milder effect of infrared heat encourages you to relax, meditate, and feel calm. It helps you mentally prepare for a yoga session, or to cement the  mindful, tranquil state of mind that comes after you do yoga.

Offers Amazing Physical Benefits

Enhancing the state of relaxation is not the only reason that  so many yogis are advocating the use of infrared saunas. It also has a lot to do with its physical benefits. Yoga offers a great way to maintain a healthy body, and an infrared sauna will only enhance that effect through:

  • Improving circulation
  • Speeding up muscle recovery
  • Enhancing flexibility
  • Burning calories, sweating out water weight and excess salt
  • Assisting with pain management
  • Increasing metabolic activity
  • Detoxification

Both yoga and infrared saunas offer impressive health benefits on their own, so imagine reaping all of those at the same time.

 Is it better to schedule a sauna session BEFORE or AFTER yoga?

It depends, but either offer their special benefits:

Using an infrared sauna before a session will:

  • Help you warm up by improving flexibility and circulation
  • Decrease the chances for injury
  • Raise your energy levels through endorphin production
  • Enable you to decompress and prepare mentally for yoga
  • Make your body and spirit more receptive to yoga

Using an infrared sauna after a session will:

  • Improve post-yoga recovery
  • Boost your immune system through lower cortisol levels
  • Elevate your mood through higher serotonin levels
  • Help you maintain that post-yoga high
  • Prepare you for the rest of your day

If you want, you can even have a session before and after yoga. Just make sure you stay hydrated and keep each session only as long as you can safely tolerate and enjoy.

Sauna prices vary based on the type of unit,  the accessories added,  and other factors. We can help you determine the right infrared sauna for you— contact our sauna specialists at JNH Lifestyles and let’s talk about it!


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