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From Nothing to Cotton: What to Wear During an Infrared Therapy Session

From Nothing to Cotton: What to Wear During an Infrared Therapy Session

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So you’ve got yourself an infrared sauna, and you can’t wait to step inside and bask in all the  wonderful heat. You’ve taken a cold shower to wash away all the external dirt. You’ve turned on your chromotherapy lights to set the mood. You’ve even handpicked the songs that will play as you zone out inside your sauna. One question remains— what do you wear?

Start Simple

The way your home sauna works is incredibly simple. It produces heat, and this heat will enter your pores and tissue. To get the most out of its therapeutic benefits, that heat should penetrate as deep into your muscles and tissues as possible.

Before you start your session, you should undress completely. Afterward, build on that depending on your personal comfort and the situation.

  • Wear Nothing but a Towel

    Since you want to expose as much of your body to the heat as possible, the best thing to do is to wear nothing. You can bring in a towel to sit on if it makes you more comfortable. You may also use it as a cover for privacy. You don’t want to have too much between you and the heat so you can fully enjoy its benefits.

    If you’re not used to sitting down inside a sauna without anything on, it’s okay. A lot of sauna users report feeling the same for their first few sessions. Later on, many people learn to enjoy the lightness and freedom that this option provides.

  • Wear a Swimsuit

    If you’d rather cover up inside your home sauna, you can opt for a swimsuit instead. This is also great for when you have company over for some bonding time in your multi-person sauna.

    Your swimsuit should be loose-fitting so it won't get in the way of your skin and the heat. As much as possible, choose a swimsuit made of breathable fabrics for maximum ventilation. Stay away from swimsuits that absorb heat, as well as those that contain dye and fabrics that can be affected by heat.

  • Cover up with Cotton

    Want even more coverage? Clothes made of cotton will do the job. Wear an oversized cotton shirt or pair it with cotton shorts. A cotton wrap is also a great choice. Cotton doesn’t absorb too much heat while allowing your skin lots of contact with the infrared heat.

A Matter of Preference

As much as possible, you want every inch of your skin to absorb the therapeutic heat that an infrared sauna provides. Clothes will absorb the heat and let it escape back into your surroundings. Simply put, wearing too many clothes hinders you from experiencing all the therapeutic and health benefits that a home sauna provides.

Full enjoyment of your in-home sauna will only come if you’re completely comfortable during your time inside. So try these different approaches to determine which one suits your style.

Are you still in the process of finding the right infrared sauna for your home? We’d love to walk  you through the latest models and sauna accessories available! Feel free to call JNH Lifestyles today.

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