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Important Tips for Preparing Your Home for Infrared Sauna Installation

Important Tips for Preparing Your Home for Infrared Sauna Installation

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The prospect of having your very own infrared home sauna unit is something to be very excited about. Finally, you can enjoy and maximize all the benefits that it has to offer, right in the comfort of your own home.

In the midst of all this excitement, however, you should not forget to prepare for its installation. The sooner you prepare for the delivery of your sauna, the faster you can have it up and running. Here are some tips for you to consider:

Helpful Tips for Properly Installing Your Infrared Home Sauna


Decide which part of the property you would like to install it in. If it’s going to be anywhere inside the house, privacy and accessibility are going to be your main concerns. If you intend to make a sanctuary of sorts for your sauna, then your personal bathroom should be a good spot. If you intend to share it with your friends, however, a more neutral spot in the house, such as an extra room, can perhaps work.

If you’d rather have it outdoors, such as in the pool area, you need to make sure that you’ll be able to keep the unit protected from external elements that can damage it, such as heat from the sun, or rain and snow.


The width and height of the unit should fit within your chosen space. If you plan to integrate your sauna into your bathroom, confirm that there will be enough space to comfortably house the unit.

Prior to installation, it is important to first determine how large of a unit you would like to get. Personal saunas can accommodate anywhere from one to four users at a time, which directly affects its size. Decide which one you’d like to have so that you can confirm that it will fit within the intended location.

Electrical Component

Infrared saunas run on electricity, so this is also something that you should prepare for. Usually, these units require 110-120 volts and a dedicated 20-amp breaker. You should coordinate with a licensed electrician to make sure that the electrical setup in your preferred location will be able to accommodate the power requirements of your new sauna.

Sometimes, it may even be necessary to have a dedicated circuit breaker for the sauna, just to make sure that the ones serving the rest of the house won’t overload.

Heed these tips, and you may soon be able to safely and conveniently enjoy an infrared sauna at home.


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