Indoor Versus Outdoor Saunas: Which Offers the Most Benefits?

When people go to spas or fitness centers, they see both indoor and outdoor saunas. The plethora of infrared sauna benefits, which include detoxification and clearer skin, have convinced many people to install saunas in their own homes. That leaves many would-be buyers wondering whether it’s better to have an indoor sauna or an outdoor one. How do you choose?

Indoor or Outdoor Infrared Saunas?

The truth is that an infrared sauna will give you the same benefits whether it’s situated inside or outside your home. This is because a quality sauna will be an enclosed area that provides the same heat benefits no matter where it is. Regardless of outdoor temperature, a high quality sauna will function as normal.

Your choice of the type of sauna will depend on several factors, including your personal preferences, the space you have available, and your time and budget commitments. To come to a decision, there are a few things you’ll need to consider for both options.

Outdoor or Indoor Sauna Bathing: The Battle of the Infrared Sauna Benefits

Outdoor Sauna Factors

You’ll still need a suitable electrical connection when you have an outdoor sauna, as the heaters require such. This can take time to arrange and build, so an outdoor sauna isn’t for someone who wants a quick fix.

However, you’ll have the option to be more creative with your designs if you choose an outdoor sauna. You may wish to house it in an interesting and quirky building, and you’re likely to have room for a larger sauna.

Outdoor saunas are a great option for those who want their detox experience to be situated away from their main home. It can be more relaxing and peaceful to be just a little bit farther away from the home for a few minutes each day.

Indoor Sauna Factors

Indoor saunas are much easier and quicker to install, as they can be connected to your home’s existing electrical system without any issue. In addition, your home serves as a barrier for the sauna, protecting it against harsh weather that could damage it.

Installing an indoor sauna often means space restrictions, so it’s best to ask your supplier for advice on which sauna fits an area best. Many people choose to have an infrared sauna installed inside a large bathroom or unused space. Make sure to consider the aesthetics of your placement carefully so it blends with the rest of your home.

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor sauna, there are many benefits to be had. Ask a supplier for their suggestions on which option will suit your family best.


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