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Major Considerations to Think About When Choosing a Far-Infrared Sauna for Sale

Major Considerations to Think About When Choosing a Far-Infrared Sauna for Sale

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It would be great if you had your very own far-infrared sauna at home. A sauna session would certainly be welcome after a stressful day at work, and you’re looking for a way to detoxify and feel more relaxed at the same time. That said, it may not be that easy to choose the most appropriate home infrared sauna unit for your needs.

Here are some important factors you need to consider when checking out a far infrared sauna for sale.

Consider These Factors When Shopping for a Far-Infrared Sauna for Sale


Far-infrared sauna units come in a variety of sizes that can fit anywhere from a single individual to an entire family. If you are purchasing the sauna for personal use, you can always consider the one-person sauna. With a 35.5" x 35.5" x 75" dimension, there’s more than enough space for one person.

If you live with a friend or spouse, you can opt to get the two-person sauna that is slightly bigger. Measuring 47.3" x 39.5" x 75" in size, it allows two people to comfortably sit side by side while enjoying heat therapy.

On the other hand, if you enjoy throwing spa parties at home, then perhaps it would be better to get a far infrared sauna that’s even more spacious. The three-person infrared sauna is 59.1" x 39.5" x 75" in dimension, while the four-person infrared sauna is 70.9" x 47.3" x 75" in dimension. Both units are roomy enough for a bit more company, but if you want to play it safe, you can always opt for the biggest unit available.


Generally, far-infrared sauna units come in a rectangular box shape. However, there are also corner units available. This is the perfect unit shape to get when you have limited space available in your home and you want to be able to utilize a corner area for your far-infrared sauna.

Depending on the size that you get, a corner far-infrared unit can accommodate two to three users or three to four users. While the most practical choice is to get the bigger unit, there's also nothing wrong with getting the relatively smaller sauna if you are tight on space.

Wood Type

As far as far-infrared sauna units are concerned, there are at least two kinds of woods that are primarily used to make them. First, there's Western Hemlock. The Western Hemlock tree happens to be particularly plentiful along the British Columbia coast, so it has become a popular wood of choice for use in sauna construction.

The moment this particular type of wood has been kiln dried, it prevents any natural staining from occurring. In addition, the process makes the Western Hemlock much stronger and stiffer, giving it better resistance against any attack from insects or possible decay. Typically, Western Hemlock takes on a pale brown to an almost white appearance. It also sports a purplish tinge and is known for its straight grained and relatively even texture.

Meanwhile, there are also some impressive infrared sauna units that are made using Western Red Cedar. The Western Red Cedar tree is commonly found among lush forests that are surrounded by moist habitats. These include riparian areas, stream banks, and forested swamps.

The Western Red Cedar is known to be a relatively soft wood used to build doors, frames, moldings, paneling, outdoor furniture, greenhouses, boats, gazebos, fences, poles, and decks. That's because it is highly recognized for its durability. In fact, so long as it's been finished properly, the Western Red Cedar can last for many years. When it's properly sealed, it will repel any pests or moths. Typically, this type of wood takes on a cinnamon, sienna, and amber appearance.

Keep these factors in mind and you should have no problem finding the right far-infrared sauna for your home. What’s even better, a far-infrared sauna makes for a great investment in your overall health, too.


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