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Maximize Your Far Infrared Sauna Benefits by Purchasing Special Add-On Accessories

Maximize Your Far Infrared Sauna Benefits by Purchasing Special Add-On Accessories

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This fall, many people want to get far infrared sauna benefits by availing of one for their home.  Garnering universal praise, far infrared saunas are notable for their efficiency compared to their traditional counterparts.

But did you know you can also purchase accessories to heighten your sauna experience?   You get the most basic sauna benefits, as well as extra perks that will make the experience better.

Below is a host of accessories that help enhance the sauna experience for users.

  • Infrared Foot Warmer

This provides the user with an additional direct heat source when having an infrared sauna session. The Infrared Foot Warmer is usually employed to alleviate knee joint pain, provide relaxation for tired feet, lessen swelling and discomfort, and put up blood circulation in the foot.

An infrared foot warmer also helps to  a direct heat source to your feet, so that your body can quickly warm up once you proceed to your infrared sauna session.  It can provide relief for foot inflammation, rheumatism, and arthritis.

  • Oxygen Ionizer

This is a cleaning device used to clean bacteria in the sauna. The ionizer carries out its cleaning function by applying an electrical charge to make negative ions to lessen pollens, bacteria, and other pollutants stuck in the sauna.

If you frequently share your sauna with another person, this device is highly recommended for you. In choosing an ionizer, be sure to check if it is compatible with your sauna.

  • Chromotherapy Light

Through this type of light, your mind can be revitalized and refreshed. Chromotherapy light uses colors of electromagnetic radiation for the cure of diseases. Furthermore, the color and light emitted help to balance energy in the sauna user’s body.

While under the light, you can attain additional sauna health benefits such as detoxification, fat burning, and skin cleansing.

  • Body Support Devices

These accessories can fix your posture as the sauna heals your body. Here are some examples of body support devices usually used for far infrared saunas:

Ergonomic Lumbar Support
The support is constructed out of wood to be in harmony with the rest of the sauna. With this product, you could get a relaxing recline, head and neck support, and prevent headache and neurological damage.

Ergonomic Neck Rest
Also made from wood, this device allows airflow under the neck and head while you lay in the sauna.

S-Shaped Backrest
Devised for the main upper body, this helps lessen body stress while the sauna heat penetrates your skin.

Get More Out of Your Sauna

Using a stand-alone sauna is great, but adding accessories would make the experience even better.  Accessories can add to the therapeutic effects of the sauna on your body in many beneficial ways.

As a leading provider of quality far infrared saunas, JNH Lifestyles offers these accessories at an exclusive deal to complement our product offerings.  You can purchase all  of these on our official website. With our home delivery services, the benefits of using a sauna have never been more accessible.

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