National Diabetes Month: Can Infrared Saunas Help With Diabetic Symptoms?

Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by high blood sugar due to a problem with the synthesis or action of insulin. It is a chronic ailment with long term complications that affect a person's quality of life and require drastic lifestyle modifications.

In 2018, 34.2 million patients with diabetes were reported in the United States alone, making up 10.5% of the population [1]. These numbers are expected to grow up to 39.7 million by 2030, and 60.6 million in 2060, when the disease is expected to affect 17.9% of Americans. Naturally, these statistics are worrisome, so we should do everything we can to prevent diabetes and correctly treat it [2].

Classification Of Diabetes

There are different types of diabetes, with each one having a specific cause. Type 1 diabetes is characterized by the destruction of the pancreatic beta-cell, which leads to a complete lack of insulin. Therefore, the only way to treat it is with insulin injections. This type of diabetes is seen in children and has an autoimmune nature.

On the other hand, the onset of type 2 diabetes is seen later in life and is caused by insulin resistance. In these patients, the tissues do not respond as well to insulin and the pancreas starts to compensate by producing more insulin. Type 2 diabetes is related to obesity and can be treated with other drugs.

Other types of diabetes include gestational diabetes, which is seen in pregnant women and can be reversed after birth; as well as other more rare forms of diabetes caused by genetic defects, cystic fibrosis, pancreatitis and endocrine disorders [3].

Diabetes Symptoms

People with diabetes can have this disease for a long time before being diagnosed. An exception to this rule is patients with type 1 diabetes who tend to be diagnosed due to severe hyperglycemia that requires hospitalization.

On the other hand, given its slow progression, type 2 diabetes does not have significantly apparent symptoms. Nevertheless, some warning signs can draw a doctor's attention and elicit a diagnostic test. These include unexplained weight loss, fatigue, irritability, increased thirst and appetite, frequent urination and darkening of the skin in the neck, armpits, and groin [4].

Chronic Complications And Infrared Saunas

diagram of a healthy foot versus a diabetic foot

The most serious aspect of diabetes is the effects it has on different organs, particularly when it is not treated correctly, or if the patient does not make the recommended lifestyle changes. Organs like the eyes, kidneys and peripheral nerves are examples that are tremendously affected by the disease.

The damage to peripheral nerves causes diabetic neuropathy, a disorder characterized by nerve dysfunction, with bothersome symptoms like sensory impairment and altered sensations, especially in the patient's feet. This impaired sensation can make it easier for patients to have small injuries that may develop into diabetic ulcers.

Infrared Sauna Benefits For Diabetic Neuropathy

Infrared saunas use infrared light to increase body temperature. People who own these variation of saunas get to enjoy the benefits of infrared therapy, as well as the benefits of heat therapy.

In 2006, a group of scientists in Tennessee determined that infrared therapy can help improve peripheral neuropathies and relieve its symptoms by stimulating the release of nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator agent that improves blood perfusion [5].

Infrared saunas offer a bounty of health benefits, some of which are a great option for patients with diabetes to avoid the onset or stop the progression of diabetic neuropathy. They are available at affordable prices and come in many different size options, ranging from 1-4 person sized cabins.

By ordering through JNH Lifestyles, you would be adding a convenient, in-home infrared sauna that is extremely easy to assemble. The only tool that you will need is a screwdriver, that's it! Add a personal infrared sauna to your home today and experience the joyful, natural and healthy lifestyle that you and your family have been needing.

Be sure to visit the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) website to learn more. The IDF covers over 230 national diabetes associations within 170 countries. They have been guiding the global diabetes community since 1950.

Mitigating Diabetic Neuropathy With An Infrared Sauna 1. Diabetic Neuropathy causes sensory impairment and negatively alters sensations 2. Impairment of sensation causes patients to unknowingly sustain small injuries 3. Infrared therapy can help improve peripheral neuropathies by:              -Initiating release of nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator                agent that improves blood perfusion

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