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What Are Infrared Sauna Benefits?

What Are Infrared Sauna Benefits?

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For over 150 years, there has been a lot of progress in medicine, science, as well as the health and wellness industry. Due to these advancements and infrared sauna benefits, a majority of people can enjoy long, healthy, productive lives. Needless to say, there are some individuals who suffer greatly from the modern lifestyles we have. This is because of the by-products that chemical technology has contaminated throughout the atmosphere, lakes, oceans and earth. Sadly, today’s natural environment has been invaded with unnatural elements.

Detoxification Is One of The Key Infrared Sauna Benefits

Throughout the years, chemical sources have been in existence. In today’s world, individuals are vulnerable to high chemical levels that are far more dangerous than what previous generations had to experience. Even though the body has the great ability to adapt, the ecological changes are happening at a faster scale than the human body can handle. Many companies are uncertain with the use, storage, manufacturing and disposal of toxic chemicals, which results in many environmentally generated illnesses.

Ever since 1965, there have been 4 million chemical compounds reported in scientific articles. Furthermore, there are over 6,000 new chemicals that hiked up the list between 1965 and 1978. During 1981, it was found that from the over 70,000 chemicals in commercial production, 3,000 of these have been proven to be intentionally added to the public’s food supplies and a whopping 700 chemicals are in the water we drink.

One of the far infrared sauna benefits is that it can detox your body from all these harmful substances and its potential side effects. When you buy sauna and use it for the first time, be aware of dehydration. Your body will be sweating profusely, and you must make sure you drink plenty of water. Also, it isn’t unusual when you are going through an intense detoxification session to feel ill. This could be due to having very high levels of toxins released when you first start your sauna sessions on a regular basis.

When the body begins to lose toxins, it can mirror what an addict feels when they are detoxing from drugs or alcohol. Basically, the body has gotten used to, and maybe even a little dependent on the stored toxins. When the body is suffering from low levels of useful minerals, it will make up for it with heavy metals, such as substituting lead for calcium. When these metals are let go through the process of sweating, the body has to adapt. In order to achieve maximum sauna benefits, use a proper far infrared sauna, drink plenty of water and eat a nutrient-rich diet.

How The Body Detoxes With An Infrared Sauna

The body’s main detoxification organs are the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal system, skin, respiratory system and urinary tract. The dominant eliminatory processes are respiration, defecation, urination and perspiration.

As a result of all the toxins running around in our modern day society, our bodies are very dependent on these eliminatory channels. One of the key sauna health benefits is that infrared technology can help the body maximize its toxic elimination process through excessive perspiration.

What is Infrared Technology?

Infrared technology, or more specifically far infrared technology (FIR), is a non-invasive aspect of light therapy that goes deep into the body tissue to provide optimal effects. The light penetrates into the body about three inches and the FIR wavelengths come in various sizes from 5.6 microns to 20 microns. When you sit and relax in a far infrared sauna, the technology heats up muscle tissue and internal organs without heating the air that is surrounding you. That’s why many people can tolerate an infrared sauna more than the traditional sauna. While the body’s organs and tissues are heating up, the warmth encourages the organs and tissues to flush out the toxins into the bloodstream. Once they are in the blood, they can be eliminated through the body’s perspiration process.

Infrared saunas are more efficient than conventional saunas because the infrared wavelengths can stimulate many pathways in the body. These pathways consist of kidney filtration and elimination, liver detoxification and fat cell mobilization. Furthermore, it terminates pathogenic organisms and enhances the immune system, lowers stress and activates the metabolism which promotes healthy weight loss.

Advantages Of Infrared Technology

Far infrared technology (FIR) can enter deep into the skin, about 1 ½–3 inches. Considering infrared lights can go far into the subcutaneous layer of the skin, research has shown that it can lower the size of water clusters in the body which provides them better mobility and entry to body tissues. The fact that infrared technology can do this helps to encourage cell membrane tone and how it operates which assists the cell to take in nutrients and excrete toxins more adequately. As a result, it boosts circulatory patterns and toxin release by means of perspiration.

The Difference Between Steam Rooms And Infrared Saunas

Science has proven sweating to be the best and most natural way to eliminate toxins from the body. Steam rooms and infrared saunas are both good ways to induce deep toxin eliminating perspiration. However, infrared technology is more unique because of its exceptional elements that allow an infrared sauna user to sweat out a massive amount of toxic waste the body is holding on to.

This is partly due to the fact that JNH Lifestyles infrared saunas are built with carbon fiber heaters that beam a radiant heat which makes the body perspire at a moderate 80% water and 20% waste as well as toxins. Whereas traditional saunas normally use air and steam to generate a perspiration percentage of 97% water and 3% toxins. Based on this research, infrared saunas are more effective and powerful than traditional saunas since they are about seven times better at flushing out toxins.

So, if you are looking for a little bit of luxury in your home and an addition that is guaranteed to offer amazing health advantages, then you can’t go wrong with JNH Lifestyles’ infrared sauna benefits. Your home sauna will give a moment of relaxation, that everybody should dedicate for themselves each day, while the body detoxes, rewinds and replenishes.

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