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What Criteria Should You Use to Determine When Purchasing an Infrared Sauna?

What Criteria Should You Use to Determine When Purchasing an Infrared Sauna?

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The decision to purchase a far infrared sauna is easy. Everyone   is talking about them, and their  prices are very reasonable, so money  shouldn’t impede you. But which infrared sauna is right for you? What criteria can you use to rank them and  select the one that seems ideal for your situation?

All Far Infrared Saunas for Sale are Not Created Equal

As you’re looking over far infrared saunas, you might think initially  that they’re all either identical, or  very similar to one another. That is  a common misconception, and you’ll  adjust your thinking once you know more.

Just as luxury cars are priced differently than cheaply made ones, or designer sneakers are  pricier than those  at Walmart, there are top-of-the-line infrared saunas and also those that are poorly made.  Luckily, there are distinctive ways to tell the difference between them.

Sauna Cost and Warranty

Sauna prices are  one of the indications of whether you are dealing with a high-end infrared sauna or one that has been cheaply constructed from  inferior elements.  There are some far infrared saunas are reasonably effective and don’t cost  much, but generally speaking, a sauna that is at the lower end of the price spectrum isn’t going to last  as long.

One part  of  the sauna that  you should particularly pay  attention to is the warranty. You should be able to get a minimum of a one-year warranty from a reputable sauna company, but ideally your sauna should last much  longer than that.

Check to see if an extended warranty is available, and if so  go for it. The cost is likely negligible if it makes you feel  secure that all  the sauna parts will be covered for the next two to three years.

Customer Reviews

When you’re looking at an infrared sauna for sale, you should  pay close attention to what people are saying about it. Some models are going to be better reviewed than others. Likewise, there will be some companies that have sterling reputations, while others you’ll want to go out of your way to avoid.

There are various online forums that display  honest reviews about people’s infrared sauna experiences.   Google and other search engines are another easy way to find  customer satisfaction ratings.  Taking the time to read these will give you an idea of how well respected a sauna company is before you even go to their website.

People love to share their experiences as consumers, and that can work to your advantage. If one person says that they had a negative experience with a sauna company, then that might not mean  much, but if hundreds of people agree that a  company is to be avoided, then take heed.

The Individual Qualities

You should also be aware that just as sauna cost varies, so do the features of  different models. Some far infrared saunas are built for two or  three people. Some have more heat panels than others, while others  are made of higher quality wood. Some are constructed using glue, which means that they are not likely to last as long. Instead, look for those that are held together with screws.

You want a sauna that is made from cedar or hemlock wood.  Avoid ones made from wood like pine, spruce, or plywood.   Companies use these materials  to drive the cost down, but the consequence of spending less money is that your sauna will  last  a fraction of the time  compared to one made of sturdier materials

Be sure to look through the description of each model very carefully before you buy. Make sure that the dimensions of the sauna fit into  the desired place in your home,  and that all elements of the description indicate that this is a high-quality product.

Non-Toxic Materials

Watch out for toxic components in your far infrared sauna that be in  the wood and other construction materials.  Any model that uses plywood is to be avoided, as plywood is often treated with chemicals that are harmful to humans when  they are inhaled  during a sauna session.  Inhaling these chemicals is unhealthy, so it is important to  be sure that the FDA has approved all materials that have gone into the making of the sauna  you have selected.

Also, don’t be content with  a company that  says that they have tested their own products as this comes with implicit bias.  Instead, look for proof of third-party testing through companies like Intertek, so you know that the manufacturer hasn’t glossed over or hidden any poor test results.

Be sure to look for safety features when you select a far infrared sauna model, just as you would when purchasing  a refrigerator or  other large appliance. You’re going to be plugging your sauna into an electrical outlet in your home, so you should be sure that  your sauna and electrical set up  is up to code.  A company should  explicitly state  that their product  has gone through rigorous testing and that all safety standards have been met.

As you can see, you need to go far beyond sauna cost when you’re looking to  purchase one of these popular far infrared varieties. Don’t get the cheapest model and call it a day. Instead, the purchasing  process should be as meticulous as  purchasing a car, a new furnace, or any other big-ticket item.

Your health is essential, and getting a shoddy infrared sauna can adversely affect it. Be a smart consumer and get a sauna  that everyone agrees is worth the money.  Follow the advice in this article and you can join  the far infrared sauna craze with the wisdom to  get the most out of the one that you choose and  enjoy it for many years to come.

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