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Looking For An Infrared Sauna? Avoid These Features!

Looking For An Infrared Sauna? Avoid These Features!

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There are tons of different options out there, but if you want to get the best infrared sauna, then you should shop carefully. This article will make sure you’re aware of the worst sauna-buying mistakes that you can make so that you’ll enjoy your sauna purchase once it is installed in your home.

Watch Out for Ceramic Heating Elements

Sometimes you’ll see an infrared sauna that has ceramic heating elements instead of carbon ones. Don’t buy these versions. They tend to have a very small infrared surface emission area, unlike the preferable carbon varieties. You won’t get the full therapeutic benefits that you would if you bought a superior model.

They’re also potentially dangerous. Ceramic heat elements are much hotter to the touch than carbon ones do. If you accidentally lean against one, then you can burn yourself, and although most manufacturers will add a protective faceplate or a wire mesh to keep your skin from making contact with these heaters, it’s still possible to brush against them. These elements can even become so hot that they can scorch the backrests of far infrared saunas in which they are installed.

What to Look for in a Carbon Heat Panel

You should look for carbon heating panels in your infrared sauna, but even with carbon heating panels, the quality can vary significantly. How can you tell if the company that you chose is using high-quality ones?

In the description of the far infrared sauna that you bought, there should be information about how warm the heat elements get. You don’t want carbon panels that are below 150 degrees. Rather, look for ones that reach 170 degrees, which is the perfect temperature for you to achieve maximum benefit from your sauna.

When you try yours out, the heat l should feel gentle, soothing, and calming. There should be vertical backrests that you can lean right up against without any danger. If you feel that the heat is uneven or if it is too intense for you, then you'll want to try a different brand.

Ergonomic Design

Some cheaper or foreign-made far infrared saunas aren’t comfortable for the average-sized human body. While some people are heavier or taller than others, a good sauna should be acceptable for most body types.

If you find that you have to contort your body into strange shapes to try and get into your infrared sauna, then you should return it and try another brand or model. The idea is for you to relax, and that won’t be possible if your body is not entirely comfortable.

You Should Be Surrounded By Heating Panels

You also want your infrared sauna to have as much heating panel coverage as possible. That means you’ll want heating elements on the rear, sides, front, and the floor or directly across from your legs. No parts of your body should be neglected. The heat should feel uniform on your face and across all parts of your limbs and torso.

The more panels, the more heat absorption for your body, and the greater the therapeutic benefits. You are trying to work up a sweat quicker, but that doesn’t just mean that you want a hotter sauna. Instead, you’re looking for the rays to penetrate your skin more deeply, so that you get the detoxifying effect that so many people crave.

It’s not pleasant to think of the lead, mercury, and other heavy metals that we are carrying trace amounts of in our bodies. An infrared sauna with maximum carbon panel coverage is the only sure way to fully cleanse you.

Poor Wiring

You also want to check the wiring very carefully in any infrared sauna. The electrical elements of your sauna should have been put together by a professional, and if they don’t look as though they have, then you’ll likely want to cross that brand off the list. Exposed wires are a huge red flag, as are burnt marks on any visible circuit board relays.

Before you buy it, look for the proper sort of wire shielding as you go over all the surface area of your sauna. All high-voltage electrical wiring should be housed in heavy-duty insulation. Look for certified EMF shielding. The junction terminals, as well as all the primary electrical components, should be safe inside a sturdy steel housing.

Safety Certifications

Your infrared sauna should always come with the proper safety certifications. If it doesn’t, then that means you’ve bought an inferior brand. Multiple regulatory agencies check on all infrared saunas that come to market, and their symbols should be clearly visible on any sauna that you buy.

Cheap Assembly

Poor assembly quality means that you have settled on a model that might present some safety hazards and likely will not last long before it breaks. Look for improper tolerance limits, walls that don’t fit together well, misaligned hardware, and anything else of this nature. Any elements that do not fit snugly together are probably going to warp or bow over time.

If you avoid all these mistakes in design and you get a sauna that is structurally sound, then you should be able to enjoy your purchase for many years, and be healthier as a result. If you’ve decided to buy a far infrared sauna, don’t just grab the cheapest one. It’s not going to do a lot of good if it breaks within the first few weeks of your installing it.

The best far infrared saunas look like fine pieces of furniture, with high-quality wood and well-made accessories. You can tell the difference between a high-end and a cheaper one without much trouble if you pay attention to the details.

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