Why Shared Sessions in Saunas Are Ideal for Couples

Domestic partners reinforce their relationships through intimate settings and shared activities. Such experiences have a positive impact on each other's health and wellbeing. Many people in lasting relationships reported a higher quality of life and happiness than those who are single.

Marital and relationship counselors recommend the establishment of shared activities as a means of increasing affinity and connection. Far infrared saunas are the perfect venue for shared activity for couples and not only in the emotional sense. They also offer many physical health benefits.

Shared Sessions in Far Infrared Saunas Promote a Couple's Intimacy

Relax While Dashing Pain and Inflammation

When purchasing a two-person or larger far infrared sauna, both you and your partner gain plenty of health benefits, starting with lowering back pain and inflammation. Whether you work in an office or at a back-breaking job, you are both prone to pain and inflammation. Even partners who stay at home to focus on the children and conduct everyday household duties experience pain resulting from the repetition of chores and the emotional stress of caring for loved ones. If both partners are in pain and tired, it becomes harder to enjoy their time together at home.

This is where infrared sauna comes in. Studies show that in addition to alleviating pain and inflammation, a far infrared sauna also relaxes the body and mind. Subsequently, couples enjoy a happier and less stressful existence, which promotes an enduring relationship. Essentially, a life relatively free of pains and stress invites deeper intimacy.

How exactly does far infrared heat address pain and inflammation? Studies from China, Taiwan, and the U.S. indicate that far infrared heat can penetrate the skin more deeply than ordinary heat. As a result, it can break down excess fluids (which cause inflammation), while flushing toxins from the body through the sweat glands. Furthermore, infrared heat can decrease pain by stimulating endorphins and/or inducing biological activities at cellular levels to diminish soreness in stressed muscles, tendons, and joints.

Recover from the Muscle Stress of a Job or Activity

Far infrared heat can also help people recover from muscle stress generated by regular workplace activities, intense exercise, and other repetitive physical actions. Vatansever and Hamblin, from the Massachusetts General Hospital, learned that a far infrared sauna can diminish oxidative stress and thereby promote muscle recovery. To better illustrate, perhaps you work in a sales environment that requires standing or walking from morning until afternoon. At home, you can use your far infrared sauna to help your muscles recover. The next day, you will feel better and stronger as you start your routine.

Multiply the benefits of muscle stress recovery by two and you get two relaxed partners. Instead of being easily irritated due to muscle problems, the couple can be extra patient and temperate toward each other for the rest of the day.

Intimate Means of Reconnecting

Researchers from the National University of Singapore and the University of Chicago, Illinois learned that shared activities can improve couples' happiness. The perfect romantic relationship does not exist; however, sharing activities together can enhance intimacy and provide opportunities for connecting deeply with each other, according to Kim and Waite. One way to reconnect with your spouse is by regularly sharing an infrared sauna session. . While inside the sauna, you can talk freely or simply enjoy sharing time in a healthy environment.

Additionally, far infrared saunas offer individual health benefits that provide a positive emotional environment that can reinforce relationships. This encourages both partners to continue the healthy practice of sauna sessions. Those who stay healthy together also stay together longer.

By incorporating far infrared sauna sessions as part of your regular shared activities, you can witness how the health and relaxation gained contributes to a happy, satisfying relationship.

Read to Share a Sauna Experience?

Check out our selection of infrared saunas and see for yourself how a regular sauna session can have a positive impact on your life!


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