Diego Sebastian

Diego Sebastian

Diego Sebastian

Fitness Professional/Model/Trainer

TOSI 2 Hemlock

Short Bio:
One of the most published fitness icons in the world

“I absolutely recommend it to all my clients for quality of life and anti-aging benefits.”



As one of the most published fitness cover models of all time, Diego Sebastian's love for health and fitness has treated him well. Beginning his weightlifting journey in the 9th grade playing football, Sebastian was 5'2", 102 lbs and only knew a few simple workout routines. It wasn't until his college years that his drive to become a firefighter took him to the next level of weightlifting. Flash forward to today, the ex-firefighter/EMT Sebastian travels the world as a model, spokesperson, celebrity trainer and fitness ambassador.

Diego Sebastian is much more than one of the most photographed male fitness models in the world. That is no easy feat. He lives the lifestyle that his body promotes on the covers, catalogues and pages of the men’s fitness industry. Through an attentive healthy diet, tremendous exercise regimens and the use of his Tosi 2 full spectrum infrared sauna, this 52-year-old, ex-firefighter/ex-EMT, also trains athletes & celebrities. “This part of my career is the most rewarding feeling than any other, giving people the tools they can carry for the rest of their lives to live healthy, functional and feel great about themselves. It’s not just about the training, it’s all about establishing healthy lifestyle habits with nutrition/self care and of course putting in some hard work in the gym.”

Dedicated to the get educated cause and putting the effort in to use and support local fresh farm foods, Diego believes this can help to achieve a healthier society and make it affordable for everyone.

“I try to be a mentor and set an example for my clients, promoting longevity and attainable goals over short-term gains. I teach fundamentals that last a lifetime. Cardiovascular, resistance training and proper nutrition fundamentals will never change. My job is help people plug in the right program that suits their goals and lifestyle.”

JNH: Why did you want an infrared sauna?

Diego: I’ve done a lot research over the years of the benifits and after trying them I’ve seen the results 1st hand.

JNH: How often do you use it?

Diego: During the most of the year I use it 3 times a week. During the summer I taper off due to the heat.

JNH: How long are your sessions?

Diego: My sessions are 40-60 minutes

JNH: What results have you seen over the past few months of using the sauna?

Diego: Better sleep, weight loss, skin feels better, better mood, less anxiety, more vascular, faster metabolism.

JNH: What is one thing that you really like about the sauna?

Diego: How lean I get.

JNH: What are the benefits that you have seen from using it regularly?

Diego: Mostly less inflammation and also recovery.

JNH: What do you think about your JNH Lifestyles sauna?

Diego: I love the look and functionality of it.

JNH: Would you recommend infrared sauna use?

Diego: I absolutely recommend it to all my clients for quality of life and anti-aging benefits.

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