Georgi Karakhanyan

Georgi Karakhanyan

Georgi Karakhanyan



Short Bio:
Competitor in Featherweight Division of Bellator; MMA and former WSOF Featherweight Champion.

"The ProSeries 200 is one of a kind. I wanted my personal sauna at my home as it can be crowded at the gyms that I train in. I recover faster and better using it. I have no hesitation in recommending it to any of my fellow fighters."



Georgi Karakhanyan is a Russian-born Armenian-American Professional mixed martial artist who most recently competed in the Featherweight division of Bellator MMA. A professional competitor since 2006, Karakhanyan has also formerly competed for the Absolute Championship Berkut, World Series of Fighting, DREAM, Tachi Palace Fights, and King of the Cage. Karakhanyan is also the former WSOF Featherweight Champion.

JNH: How often do you use your ProSeries?

Georgi: 3 times a week.

JNH: How long are your sessions?

Georgi: 1.5 hours

JNH: What results have you seen over the past few months of using the sauna?

Georgi: Better overall health, relaxation and recovery.

JNH: Post Fight, tell us about your recovery process and how your ProSeries participates

Georgi: My recovery days are the most important days, more important than training, so I usually fast for 20 hours and while I’m fasting, I do sauna sessnions. Inside the sauna, I do lots of stretches.

JNH: What benefits have you experienced?

Georgi: Mental sharpness, clear, focused and at the same time relaxed mind.

JNH: Would you recommend infrared sauna usage?

Georgi: Yes I recommend it to everyone even if you are not a professional athlete. You can still get in there sweat all the crap from 2020 out of your body! But it’s very important right after to have some good electrolytes. Sometimes I keep it simple, a nice cold water with lemon and Redmond real salt.

JNH: What do you think about your ProSeries?

Georgi: I love it it’s right next to my room very convenient

JNH: What is one thing that you really like about your sauna?

I really enjoy the Bluetooth and the red light therapy

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