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Health Benefits of Using Infrared Sauna


Looking for a way to get rid of your body’s toxins and burn calories at the same time? An excellent way to do this is through sweating.

The use of heat to perspire and detoxify the body has been practiced by humans way back to the ancient times. In fact, you’ll find mentions of thermal therapy across the globe, from the Native Americans all the way to the Ancient Greeks.

Heat has always been associated with life, and our infrared saunas are a natural and healthy way to use that heat in helping you achieve your wants and needs— whether that’s losing weight, purifying skin, sleeping better, detoxifying, or simply relaxing after a long day.

Infrared Saunas vs. Traditional Dry Saunas

You might be asking yourself, “What’s so special about infrared saunas?” A lot of people are already familiar with the traditional dry sauna. It relies on warming surfaces inside the sauna to indirectly heat your body. Infrared saunas take this process to a whole new level. Here are some basics:

  • Infrared saunas radiate heat that your skin easily and directly absorbs
  • These heat waves penetrate your tissues and muscles
  • Your core body temperature rises, but at a lower ambient temperature

Basically, infrared saunas make you sweat at a much lower temperature than traditional dry saunas. This critical difference is what unlocks the distinct health benefits of infrared saunas.

Weight Loss

When you think of losing weight, you probably think of someone huffing and puffing while sweating their way through a workout session. Saunas make you sweat too, but do saunas help you lose weight? Absolutely.

When it comes to weight loss, the real question is, “Do you burn calories in a sauna?” According to clinical studies, you can burn as much as 600 calories in one infrared sauna session. That’s roughly equivalent to jogging or swimming for an hour. Not only does sauna burn calories, but it boosts your metabolism as well. The body cools itself down after infrared heat makes your core temperature rise. This increases blood flow to the skin surface, so you continue shedding those pounds without much exertion from your part.

Detoxification and Anti-Aging Properties

In addition to infrared sauna weight loss, infrared heat gives you a cheaper and healthy alternative to all of those costly skin creams. Infrared heat promotes collagen growth and healing in the dermis and epidermis layers of your skin. Therefore, you get fewer wrinkles, smaller pores, and better skin tone.

On top of this, your skin releases unwanted chemicals in the body through sweating. This is known as detoxification, and it can have a deep impact on your immune system. Infrared saunas not only make you look better, but they also make you feel better inside.

Improved Circulation and Lower Blood Pressure

Now, not only does sauna burn fat, but it improves overall circulation as well. Your peripheral blood vessels dilate as heat goes through your body, similar to what happens during exercise. Circulation to your extremities can be stimulated to twice as fast when you are at rest, which means you get increased circulation by simply sitting inside your infrared sauna.

As infrared saunas improve circulation, they lower your blood pressure at the same time. The heat it emits induces sweating that increases both blood flow and heart rate. Cardiac activity is increased, thereby lowering your blood pressure.

Pain, Wound, and Arthritis Relief

Studies have shown that infrared saunas are excellent at treating those body aches as well as more severe afflictions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other inflammatory conditions. This is due to the ability of infrared waves to penetrate to as deep as two inches into joints, tissues, and muscles.

Aside from pain relief, infrared heat also helps accelerate the healing of burns and wounds thanks to quicker cell regeneration and a stronger immune system.

If you’re curious about what an infrared sauna can do for you, then these are likely the questions you have in mind:

  • Does sauna burn fat and calories?
  • Does it help heal pain and wounds?
  • Does it improve various bodily processes?
  • Does it help detoxify the cells?

The short answer is yes. However, we understand that you have a lot more questions to ask, and we’re excited to answer all of them. Contact us through our website, e-mail, or by calling 800-528-3110 so we can talk about how we can assist you as you begin your joyful, natural, and healthy living journey!

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