Saad Awad

Saad Awad

Saad Awad



Short Bio:
Competitor in the Lightweight Division of Bellator

"I love my ProSeries 200 Full Spectrum Sauna."



Born in San Bernardino, California to a Palestinian father and a Brazilian mother, Awad is the fourth eldest of twelve siblings. Growing up, Awad competed in soccer and wrestling at Cajon High School and later wrestled for a semester at a Jr. College. Later, Awad stumbled upon mixed martial arts.

Awad started his career in 2006. He fought mainly for the Costa Rican promotion Titans of the Pentagon and for the Californian promotion Gladiator Challenge.

Awad made his Bellator MMA debut on January 2009 at Bellator 10. Currently, Saad and His family reside in Texas and trains at Fortiss MMA. Saad last faced Nate Andrews on May 21, 2021 at Bellator 259. He won the bout via TKO in the first round after dropping Andrews multiple times, leading to the referee calling the bout.

JNH: Why did you want an infrared sauna?

Saad: I wanted the sauna because as a fighter we are constantly cutting weigh, and using the infrared sauna help get the bad toxins out.

JNH: How often do you use it?

Saad: I use it about twice a week; then when I’m in fight camp, about 3-4 times per week.

JNH: How long are your sessions?

Saad: 45 minutes to an hour.

JNH: What results have you seen over the past few months of using the sauna?

Saad: I’ve noticed I heal faster when I use it due to the infrared, also mainly my weight starts dropping as well. Plus I sleep better.

JNH: Post Fight, tell us about your recovery process and how your ProSeries participates.

Saad: I’m usually banged up and the infrared helps with swelling and inflammation. It definitely helps post fight with recovery.

JNH: What benefits have you experienced?

Saad: My main benefit is having it at home so I can use it during anytime of the day.

JNH: Would you recommend infrared sauna usage?

Saad: I definitely would. You not only get the benefits of the sauna, you also get the infrared benefits.

JNH: What do you think about your ProSeries?

Saad: I love it. It’s not huge so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It heats pretty quick and looks nice.

JNH: What is one thing that you really like about your sauna?

Saad: I love that I’m able to go into my garage and jump in at anytime. Saves me a few hours of trying to go to the gym just to use their sauna which isn’t infrared.

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