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Find great deals on Recovered, Damaged-Box and As-Is infrared saunas. 

Save Up to $1800 on your next infrared sauna purchase. 

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Infrared sauna therapy enhances relaxation and promotes healthy body condition. With the cold weather here in the U.S., it is only beneficial that you invest in a home infrared sauna. If you are looking for an infrared sauna for sale, you have come to the right place. Explore our site for detailed information on our infrared sauna’s cost, quality, shipping details, and more!


There are a lot of infrared saunas for sale, but how do you find a great deal? Cheaper is not always better in sauna purchases. After all, you shouldn’t cut short on investing in your health. Save time, money, and effort! Buy the right infrared sauna for your maximum benefit — the first time!

Optimum Health Benefits
With infrared sauna technology, your body can release a lot of toxins without having to leave the house or put your abilities at risk of doing sports or arduous physical activities. To gain optimum health benefits, look for an infrared sauna that is built with tightly fitted joints and screws. Construction with these tools helps breathe pure air into your sauna instead of opting for cheaper saunas that rely on glues.

Capacity and Dimensions
Aside from providing relaxation, there are also infrared saunas that are built with entertainment options. You can have your home sauna custom-built or look for one that comes with entertainment options, such as TV or radio.

Entertainment Options
Aside from providing relaxation, there are also infrared saunas that are built with entertainment options. You can have your home sauna custom-built or look for one that comes with entertainment options, such as TV or radio.

Wood Choices
The type and quality of wood your sauna is built from are as important as the confidence and quality of benefits it will offer you. Look for saunas crafted with toxin-free, sustainably-sourced materials. Make sure that your sauna is built from smooth, hand-selected tongue-and-groove, vertical grain hemlock, North American Basswood, or Western Red Canadian Cedar (WRCC). These are the best wood options — they are resistant to splitting and have natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements.

Carbon Panels
The number of carbon panels and their placement are significant. Carbon fiber panel provides greater heat absorption and covers more surface area. The best infrared saunas have carbon panels on the back panel, under the seat, and on either side of the door.

Lighting Features
These are not to be taken for granted. Sauna lightings are designed to harmonize with the full range of sauna and steam installations. Interior lights allow reading during sauna sessions. Meanwhile, exterior lighting serves as accessories, turning your home sauna into a furniture piece. There are also colored lights which can be used for light therapy.


Over the years, JNH Lifestyles has been providing infrared sauna to various homes and facilities inside and outside the U.S. As a trusted manufacturer and supplier, the numbers of homes we serve have grown exponentially through time.

Competitive Sauna Prices
Adding sauna to your home is a cost-effective way of adding a touch of style and quality while creating a wellness oasis. We combine the many benefits of infrared saunas with good affordability levels by using the right kind of wood. Our primary goal is to make our saunas affordable and accessible to people of all abilities.

Experienced Manufacturer and Supplier
We are hands-on when it comes to designing, engineering, and making each of our products. Our team of experienced manufacturers and suppliers carefully manage each phase of the production process to make sure that all raw materials are of highest quality and that each stage of the production is carefully executed.

Zero Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
The desire to make homes a “wellness oasis” is one of our top priorities. We produce top-of-the-line patented technologies that cancel out EMF. Our Ensi™ Collection is the only one in the industry that is Intertek-tested for virtually zero-EMF reading.

Having your own infrared sauna at home will bring massive benefits to your health and lifestyle. Start joyful, natural, and healthy living today! Visit our store and see our array of infrared sauna for sale. Buy now and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

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