Alex Aust

Alex Aust

Alex Aust

Fitness + Lacrosse coach


Short Bio:
Alex is a professional athlete, trainer, coach, and influential figure in the Women's Lacrosse community.

“The sauna is so versatile and it truly sets the tone for my training.”



Our ProSeries was the choice for Professional Lacrosse Player Alex Aust, former US National Team member and University of Maryland attacker. Alex is the busiest of JNH Lifestylists, she is part of the force behind restoring pro women’s lacrosse back on the map with the new Athletes Unlimited league, is a Fitness Instructor, Director of Operations with the Maryland women's lacrosse program and a Sports Illustrated Swim Model!

JNH: Why did you want an infrared sauna?

Alex: I know the awesome benefits of infrared saunas are on recovery, mental health, and cleansing. I put so much emphasis on my muscles and body when I am training, I wanted some time to be able to give my body some love.

JNH: How often do you use it?

I use my sauna 3-4 times a week!

JNH: How long are your sessions?

Alex: My session time varies. I try to sit in it at least 10 minutes but upwards of 30 on days I really need it.

JNH: What results have you seen over the past year of using your ProSeries?

Alex: I have seen a serious improvement of my emotion and mood. 2020 was a roller coaster of emotions and we were stuck inside A LOT. I get pretty seasonally depressed and having the heat and being able to sweat was imperative for my sanity!

JNH: What has changed for you with regular ProSeries usage?

Alex: I can tell my recovery time has shortened immensely! I am not sore as long and if I am, nothing a good stretch in the sauna cannot fix.

JNH: What benefits have you experienced?

Alex: I've experienced so many benefits from my sauna usage! I love how quickly it can warm me up for a bike ride or yoga session. I also love how I can go in there and wind down after an intense workout. The sauna is so versatile and it truly sets the tone for my training.

JNH: Would you recommend infrared sauna usage?

Alex: YES! I think everyone should experience this lovely sauna and integrate it into their daily practice

JNH: What do you think about your JNH Lifestyles ProSeries sauna?

Alex: I love it so much! It feels like a warm hug that is ridding you of all of your toxins

JNH: How important has your ProSeries become to your workout? Daily life?

ALex: The ProSeries is vital to a great workout! Whether it is before and I am warming up or afterwards and I am continuing a great sweat, I feel that I get the most out of my workouts due to the ProSeries

JNH: Having it in your home, does this make a difference?

Alex: Absolutely! Having it in my home is a huge convenience factor. Not having to worry about traveling somewhere, getting to use it on demand whenever I want is huge

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