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An oxygen ionizer is a device that rids the air of dust, pollens, bacteria, and other pollutants. Inside your far infrared sauna, the oxygen ionizer purify the air by removing allergens, dander, and odors, leaving your infrared sauna air fresh and clean.

How do Oxygen Ionizers Work?

Oxygen Ionizers work by creating an electrical charge to produce negative ions, which remove tiny partials from the air. The negative ions produced by Oxygen Ionizers seek out positive ions like pollen, bacteria, dust, mold, and so forth to bond. When the positive and negative ions bond, they become heavy dropping to the floor. Over time, you'll notice a build-up of what looks like dust on your sauna floor. This dust can be easily swept into a dust pan and thrown away.

JNH infrared saunas are your sanctuary, where healing and relaxation is encouraged. The Oxygen Ionizer ensures you have fresh and clean air for every session.*

*The Oxygen Ionizer is designed by JNH Lifestyles and works exclusively with our Joyous, Ensi, ProSeries and Tosi Collections.



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Q: Is an oxygen ionizer needed for my JNH Lifestyles sauna to function?
A: The oxygen ionizer is not needed for your JNH sauna to operate. We do recommend one, however, particularly if more than one person will be using the infrared sauna.

Q: Can I add an oxygen ionizer to my JNH Lifestyles sauna at a later date?
A: Yes! All our accessories can be purchased separately at your convenience.

Q: Can I use the oxygen ionizer outside of my JNH Lifestyles sauna?
A: We do NOT recommend this. The oxygen ionizer is specifically designed to clean the volume of cabin air within a JNH Lifestyles sauna. Attempting to use the oxygen ionizer outside of its intended design could damage the device.

Q: Can I use a third-party oxygen ionizer?
A: We do NOT recommend this. Our easy-to-use connections are not compatible with third-party oxygen ionizers. In addition, our oxygen ionizers are specially designed to withstand the high heat environment of a sauna.

Q: Can I add scents to the oxygen ionizer?
A: You cannot add scents to the ionizer. Attempting to do so will damage your oxygen ionizer.

Q: Does the oxygen ionizer require filters?
A: No, the oxygen ionizer does not need filters.

Q: How can I tell if my oxygen ionizer is working?
A: There is a green light on the front of the ionizer that indicates when the unit is on. Alternatively, if you hear a very low hum when placing your ear close to the ionizer, the unit is on.

Q: Does the oxygen ionizer come with warranty?
A: Yes, the oxygen ionizer comes with a one-year warranty.

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