Dry Skin After Shaving? Maybe This Can Help!

Dry Skin After Shaving?
How Can a Infrared Sauna Help?

By: Your JNH Lifestylist

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Dry skin after shaving can pose an irritating, itchy, and uncomfortable dilemma, but it doesn’t have to be your norm. Perfecting your skincare routine can ensure your next shaving session is as smooth and comfortable as possible. So, how do you do that? Below, we offer ways that you can forego dry skin after shaving and how an infrared sauna can help, as well as a brief overview as to why dry skin happens after shaving in the first place.

Why Do You Get Dry Skin After Shaving?

Shaving often gives way to razor burns, bumps from ingrown hairs, cuts, and general skin irritation. Instead of the smooth look you were going for, you end up with uncomfortable, red and dry facial skin. It’s not ideal, and the truth is that shaving is fairly rough on your skin. Surprisingly, if you’re pressing too hard or shaving too frequently, you might not only be ridding your face of hair, but also the top layer of skin cells [1].

Ultimately, this may leave the new and sensitive skin cells exposed, and it can quickly become dry, especially if you don’t have a skincare routine, including moisturizer. This skin can also easily become irritated from the use of the wrong products. If you’re using any product, including shaving cream that isn’t right for your skin type, you might end up with uncomfortable dryness and redness after each shaving session.

Tips to Rid Yourself of Dry Skin After Shaving

So, what can you do? What are you missing? If you’re experiencing dry skin after you shave, check out how you can alleviate this problem by using the tips outlined below:

1. Clean Your Skin First

By exfoliating and cleansing your face before your shave, you remove dead skin cells and any dirt. This sets the perfect conditions for shaving by eliminating a layer that your razor may have to cut through. Consequently, not cleaning your face beforehand may reduce the life of your razor through built-up residue, meaning you’ll be replacing it far more often.

2. Shave After You Shower

Research shows that the force required to shave can be reduced by 40% when your hairs are fully hydrated [2]. Because of this, many experts recommend showering before you shave your face. And while simply washing your face in the sink before shaving also helps, it can’t beat a full shower. When you shower, you’ll notice it’s easier and smoother, and you may have less irritation/dry skin after the fact.

man with beard taking a shower outdoors

3. After Each Stroke, Rinse Your Razor

Rinsing your razor in between each stroke prevents a build-up of hair or dirt, which may end up irritating your skin. Consider using short strokes, and rinsing the razor under the tap after each one. Another tip? Apply your shaving cream onto your damp face and let it sit for a few minutes before you begin your shave for optimal results [3].

4. Moisturize!

Finding the right moisturizer can make all the difference. Splash your face with water after a shave to rinse off any excess hair and shaving cream. Pat your face dry with a towel, then apply a moisturizer suitable to your skin type. Usually, moisturizers are labeled with what type of skin type they are best suited for, although you may have to try a few before finding the right one! Don’t be afraid to apply moisturizer liberally, our skin needs it!

5. Take Care Of Your Skin By Using An Infrared Sauna Regularly

Infrared saunas can help improve your overall skin health. The key is to use them fairly regularly, such as a couple of times a week. This can then help improve the appearance of your skin after each shave. Studies show infrared waves, including the ones in infrared saunas, may reduce skin roughness and laxity, as well as improve collagen production and wrinkles [4]. If you are prone to particularly bad skin, an infrared sauna might be the piece you’re missing.

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Say Goodbye to Dry Skin!

Taking the proper care before and after you shave can ensure you don’t experience red or dry skin following your shaving session. Try getting into a regular skincare routine. By incorporating an infrared sauna into your routine you can take a proactive approach to your skin health. View our selection of infrared saunas to see what would work best for you. What have you got to lose?


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